3000 items tricks, books, dvd's

by James Hechtkopf
(Virginia Beach)

My Father John Hechtkopf was a magician and I am selling his
collection on behalf of my mother. I am in the process of putting
together a spread sheet of some 3000 items.

Please note that just about everything I have
boxed is in its original package with instructions. I will send the
spreadsheet soon but I am not even close to done. I haven't even
touched the coin, silks, books, journals, DVDs, etc and I still have
several stacks of items I am researching.

I have been taking pictures as I have been packing and for the sake of
not wanting to crash your inbox I have posted the pictures in 2 draft

To view these photos log into yahoo using: magic4sale757@yahoo.com and
use the password magic757 The pictures are just a very small sample
of items I have and I will post more along with the spreadsheet ASAP.

Also please note I want to unload this collection on behalf of my
Mother before I redeploy (end
of this month).

Please use my JHechtkopf757@gmail.com to communicate with me and only
use the yahoo account to login and check the updates I inform you of.

If you have any questions give me a call.

Thank you for your time



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