A lot of magic for sell

by Kevin Herrington
(Belton South Carolina)

Qty Item Daytona Magic price My Price
2 Change Bags (New) $15 $5.00 each
7 Tri-Ception (New) $16 $6.00 each
3 Psychic Escape (New) $35 $15.00 each
1 Raven (New) $60 $25.00
6 De Lites (New) $12 $5.00 each
1 Magic Water Pitcher (used) ? $10.00
2 Appearing canes (used) $15 $5.00 each
1 Magic Top Hat (new) ? $20.00
1 Dove Through Glass (used) $475.00 $275.00
1 Rabbit Wringer (used) $325.00 $150.00
1 Rabbit Mirror Box (used) $99.00 $50.00
1 Melting Mirror (used) $189.00 $90.00

And Much, Much More…Mail bag escape, Shackles,Spelling Bee,Crystal Silk Cylinder, silks of all sizes,new decks of Svengali cards,Stands, PA System with wireless lapel mic (small and easy to cart around but powerful) and still more…magic DVD’s,books and more. See where I am going with this, I have a bunch of magic that I need to get rid of so call me and come by and see what you would like to add to your show. All used items are in like new condition and I have started my prices at 50% off the new price and most can be found on daytonamagic.com for you to see in action, just type the name of the item in there search box.
I am located in Anderson SC and my phone # is (864) 760-3339. If I am not able to answer the phone Please leave me a message and I will get back to you as fast as I can. Attached are some photos of just a few of my stage pieces and please feel free to pass this email on to any one you no that is into magic or just starting out so they can get started for a real cheap price.

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