The Deceptive Card

Picture 1

Picture 1

THE EFFECT: Watch the effect below...

THE SECRET: The secret is all in the handling. Ask a spectator to pick a card. Have them memorize it and place it on top. When I shuffle the deck in the above video notice how I take two cards off the top at first. You must do an overhand shuffle for this trick (shuffle as I do).

When two cards are taken at first this places the spectators card second to last on the bottom. Then you tell an elaborate story that the spectator could be looking right at their card and think it is a different card. Now remember that their card is second to last on the bottom.

You want to perform a sleight of hand called the glide (I believe). The glide is in picture 1. Notice how I slide back the card on the very bottom and actually take their card. Now they think that the card you put down is not their card. Flip over the spectator's card and they will be amazed!

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Aug 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

you seem happy....NOT! ok trick and like the picture

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