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"How to Get Your Friends
to Look at You With
PURE Astonishment &
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Magic secrets revealed - let me show you how to use Magic to make sure that no one ever forgets your name again...

From: Simon Crack (Backstage of a show)
Subject: Magic Secrets Revealed

Dear Future Master Magician,

Let me begin with a statement - "Social Magnet"

Two words that say this:

You are the life and sole of the party
Everyone wants to hang out with you
People listen to what you have to say

No one knows what you’ll do next but they want to be around when you do it. Some people get this status by being side-splitting jokesters. Others are great storytellers. Some are just plain crazy.

Then there are people like you and me.

We like to stun, amaze and shock the living daylights out of people. How do we do this? We use magic!

Up to now, I'm guessing you’ve performed a few tricks that made people smile pleasantly, pat you on the shoulder and say “That was pretty good”.

But you and I both know that you haven’t made any ones jaw hit the floor with your “pick a card” routine.


You are here because you want to kick your art up a notch and really deliver that mesmerizing assault on the senses that leaves men, women and children wondering how in the “hell” you pulled that one off.

In fact you want to be able to captivate the room with just a few signature tricks that will have people inviting you to their party to see it again. Friend, this is the real “X-factor” that people talk about.

I'll let you in on a secret. People will remember, admire, respect, and even love you if you can astonish them. Trust me I know! Let me show you how...


magic show

This is kind of embarrassing but I wanted to be upfront and honest with you from the start.

Even though I have performed magic for friends, family and have been paid to perform many magic shows, I'm not technically a "professional" magician, I am just a very passionate “student”.

Well let me rephrase that –

I am a seriously obsessed student.

I'll tell you a couple of things about me and you be the judge:

1. I’ve assembled an online vault of hundreds of magic tricks that I give away for free.

magic box

2. I carry around my “magic box” full of the latest trick creations and routines. -------->

3. I bug the living hell out of every professional magician that makes the mistake of talking with me. Show me a "NEW" trick and another and another and another.

4. This next bit may sound "geeky". But I painstakingly record every magic show going just so I can keep rewinding the tape, watching an effect over and over and over again until I figure it out.

If “obsessed magician groupie” was a term in the dictionary – then my smiling mug shot would be right beside it!

Magic is in my bones. I can’t help it.

And the fact that I am "technically" not professional actually works to your advantage.

You see, I truly believe any great magic trick has to be easy to learn and get great reactions. Absolutely anybody should be able to watch how a routine is done and mimic it flawlessly within minutes.

If it isn’t relatively easy enough to learn, then it’s not worth performing.

But don’t get me wrong. The tricks that I teach people are not cheap "cracker tricks". These effects are so good that they will make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention. The tricks I will show you will get the guys applauding and the girls winking.

What we are going for is -


Trust me, you can achieve this. You don’t have to be a master illusionist and you don’t have to hold your breath for 2 hours while being frozen in a block of ice!

All you need to do is use a few simple techniques. Nothing complicated. Just great magic – done well.

And I’ve got the perfect way to teach you everything that you need to know...


jaw dropper DVD

I call it the Jaw Dropper for short ;)

Before you buy you should know why this DVD is tailor made for you:

diamond bullet

Watch and Learn: Learn each routine 3x faster by actually watching me do the trick. I will show you the routine and then show you how I did it. This is the absolute best way to learn.

diamond bullet

Only the Jaw Droppers: These tricks are the best of the best. I’ve selected the routines that are guaranteed to get a “how the hell..” reaction from your audience. In fact, you might get a few nervous screams.

diamond bullet

45 Minutes of “In Your Face” Magic: The Jaw Dropper DVD is a 45 minute explosion of magic trick after magic trick. No filler, all killer. You’ll have fresh new tricks to show off for months to come.

diamond bullet

DVD Quality Video: I will send you the Jaw Dropper DVD via the mail. This way you have the DVD as an easy reference and won’t have to worry about your material getting lost if your computer crashes. You can pop the DVD in your DVD player, watch it on your PC or laptop.

After teaching thousands of ordinary people without any previous magic experience top notch illusions and street magic effects, I’ve learned that a trick has to be easy to perform and get a great reaction.

That’s why every trick on the Jaw Dropper DVD is guaranteed to get even the most cynical guy to crack a smile. You will be that good.

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"Amazing! Highly Recommended"

Nicholas Uustitalo "This DVD contains A LOT of tricks, and they are all great, something that actually can be used!

I recommend this to any magician that wants to learn great, usable tricks. It's really worth the money.

I watched the DVD and after a few minutes I was performing magic for my friends and family. All the tricks i performed got awesome reactions.

So if you are looking to learn new, amazing magic tricks I HIGHLY recommend you get this one!"

Nicholas Uusitalo, Sweden.


DVD Menu

strange magic

Several easy and undetectable coin concealing techniques that will make people swear that you are able to pull money from thin air.

strange magic

A cool “Push” effect that looks like you effortlessly push a solid coin through a glass table (Hint no special coin or table needed!).

strange magic

Transformation routines that turn strips of paper into real currency of any type. BE WARNED – people will insist that you start paying for their drinks!

strange magic

Take a bill, crumple it, and with a wave of your hand, make it levitate inches above the table. This will be your signature trick.

strange magic

Fold a solid coin into a piece of paper and then tear the paper into pieces right in front of your audience’s eyes. This routine never fails to get a stunned gasp.

strange magic

Master advanced card shuffles and flourishes within minutes – you can break these out during your next poker game!

strange magic

Take any coin and make it vanish into thin air – people can’t believe it because you can do this trick even if you are wearing short sleeves.

strange magic

And that’s just the tricks covered in the first 15 minutes!

These tricks are so easy to learn that you will be performing them within minutes of cracking open the DVD. In fact, you can learn a pretty impressive repertoire in an afternoon and be ready to show off your new skills that evening!

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Ron Watson "Well, I got the DVD. I played it. Wow!!! Coin magic is what I have specialized in doing for the last 20 years. Most of the items and ideas I have never seen. It is the best deal, penny for penny, of anything I think I have ever bought in magic.

Thank you for your help in getting something that would play on my old computer. I highly recommend everyone who likes magic, please buy this for your enjoyment and knowledge. It will be the best deal you will ever get in any magic purchase! I fool you not.

When people know you do magic, or you tell people you do magic, the first thing they say is do a trick. Most of the items can be done from your pocket. I suggest picking out 3 that you like best. Practice them to perfection. Put them in your wallet, then be ready for the next person who says, "Show me a trick". You will have a professional act of 5 minutes."

Ron Watson, MI, USA.


*LIMITED TIME OFFER* I’ve also included a special Bonus Folder on the DVD that contains over $60 worth of advanced effects for you. (Access them via your PC).

Here’s what you get:

tick bonus

Bonus #1: Crushed Can Resurrection ($10 value): Now you will be able to perform the signature trick of the most famous Street Magicians (Criss Angel, David Blaine, and others). Take an empty aluminum can, and restore it to pristine condition, liquid included, in front of your audiences disbelieving eyes.

tick bonus

Bonus #2: Anti-Gravity Water ($20 value): Can water flow uphill? Watch everyone’s face as you defy the laws of nature.

tick bonus

Bonus #3: Instant Rubik’s Cube Solver ($10 value): You will have to watch this one twice even after you’ve learned how to do it!

tick bonus

Bonus #4: Playing Card Balance ($10 value): Balance a full glass on a thin playing card. Crazy effect that you can pull out and perform anywhere.

tick bonus

Bonus #5: Apple iPhone Card Trick ($10 value): Great trick for the business crowd. Make a spectators chosen card appear on your iPhone.

Plus two more undisclosed *BONUS* effects that I am going to keep TOP SECRET.

If Your Sick And Tired Of Learning
Lame Tricks Get Your DVD Here!

"I Am Impressed"

jimmie "A great opportunity to learn magic. If you are a beginner to intermediate magician and looking for ways to entertain and add tricks to your repetoire, look no further. This DVD contains enough tricks and flourishes to help you advance.

Everything from card tricks, flourishes to coins and household items are included. The mechanics of every trick are clearly taught, leaving you to personalize the trick with your own patter and misdirection. In short, this DVD is a valuable tool in your quest to entertain and amaze".

Jimmie, Mesquite, TX, USA.



Not nearly as much as you may think.

In the past, my students have paid up to $147 for an eBook filled with pictures, my rough notes, and a few low-quality videos on CD.

And they swear that they would have paid a lot more!

That’s why you are lucky to get the entire Jaw Dropper DVD Package plus over $60.00 in Advanced Street Magic Bonuses for just $37.

 And EVERY Cent Of Your $37 Purchase
is Protected By My 60 Day 100%
Satisfaction Guarantee.

money back

Simply, if you are not getting rave reviews and impressing the hell out of your friends, family, and colleagues with the tricks you’ve learned with the Jaw Dropper DVD – go ahead and email me and I will refund you. Every penny, no funny business and no questions asked. You can even keep the DVD! Yep A crazy guarantee from a crazy person ;-)

I can afford to offer you this guarantee because I am absolutely sure that you will be thrilled with your purchase or your money back.



I'm really not going to give you the "hard sell" with this DVD. You can see a heavy sale a mile off right? I know I can. This DVD is either going to be something your gonna love or your not, simple as that. So here's the deal, I shall let my happy customers tell you what they thought (It's a lot easier! :-)

Customers just like you have already let me know how much they enjoyed the Jaw Dropper DVD.


"Very Well Put Together.
Easy to Understand & Follow!"

Rudy Melzer "A very good DVD on close up magic using coins and objects that are readily available. I like to do close up magic because it is right in the people's face which has a powerful impact.

It also does not need much preparation other than practice. Most of the things shown can be carried in your pocket and performed anywhere. It is a novel way to advertise.

Impromptu magic at a restaurant or waiting somewhere breaks the ice and is a great way to introduce yourself as a performer.

I would recommend this DVD to anyone wishing to learn
close up magic!"

Rudy Melzer (Buttons the Clown), Ridgway, PA, USA.

"This DVD is More
Than Worth The Price!"

Mike Renshaw "The tutorials, explaining how the tricks are done, are direct and easy to understand.

While many of the tricks are known to most professional magicians, there are several surprise effects, proving that a trick is only old if you've seen it before.

This DVD is a no-nonsense approach to magic that can be performed with common objects. The section on rubber band tricks is especially well done and the effects are a knock out.

Considering all the ground that's covered here and the large number of tricks offered, this DVD is more than worth the price!"

Mike Renshaw, Langhorne, PA, USA.

"A Lot of Magic For The Money"

dragon "I liked it. I really like card manipulation. Perhaps there may have been a few more card tricks included.

That being said, I believe it is very easy to understand the fundamentals of each trick given the angles at which the secrets have been filmed.

The match and rubber band tricks are really good, they look difficult in performance but are very easy to master after watching the secrets and taking the time to practice them.

I like the fast paced beat of the background music during each part of the video. It's also nice to be able to go right to the trick you want to work on through the DVD menu without having to fast forward through half the DVD.

All in all I believe it to be worth every penny, very reasonable".

Dragon, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

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"Excellent Magic DVD"

marc "After watching the DVD I feel that it's excellent for teaching magic without the need to go out and buy any special props.

The effects shown can be done by anyone and YES you still do need to practice, as some are "self-working" while other are not.

There are quite a few tricks that I do on this DVD as a professional strolling magician.

If you practice them until they become second nature and use YOUR personality and your own patter you will have a winning act!".

Marc The Magician, Palm Coast, Fl, USA.

"Great DVD For Beginners!"

scott "The DVD is very well put together and contains some simple but worthwhile tricks. It is easy to follow and can be mastered by anyone in a short time. I watched it with my 12 year old step daughter who knows nothing about magic and she was able to follow things quite well.

It will be a great DVD for beginners or someone who might be interested in magic but just isn't sure. It will allow them to get a "taste" before spending hundreds of dollars (and we all know how easy that is in the magic world) on things and then deciding they don't like it.

The bonus tricks are also cool. It's just what I would expect from an already great website such as FreeMagicTricks4u.com. Well done Simon!"

Scott, Monroe, Michigan, USA.

"Very Good, Easy to Follow,
Makes Learning Magic Fun"

luke "I am a nine year old clown and I love to do magic. This DVD helped me because as well as teaching me new magic, it gave me tips on how to do tricks better.

It was easy to watch and learn the tricks although some will take me a lot of time to perfect, but if I keep practicing they will end up looking really, really good.

I like the way the tricks are put into sections and if there was more than one part to a trick each part was shown clearly. I would definitely recommend it to other people who want to learn magic.

Not only to people who are beginners but also people who are already good at magic, because there are a massive range of tricks to learn from fairly simple ones to outstanding ones."

Luke Grint (Flukey), Clacton On Sea, Essex, UK.


Rush me my copy of the Jaw Dropper Magic
Tutorial DVD in the mail today. I understand
that I am receiving this DVD plus over $60
in Free Bonuses by acting quickly today.

Thank You for protecting my purchase with your
60 Day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your breathtaking performance.

Best of Success,

Simon Crack


P.S. The magic secrets revealed in this exclusive DVD are up close and personal. Please don’t be fooled into buying other sub par products that teach you the tricks that will only embarrass you and leave your audience snickering under their breath.

P.P.S. Remember, the free bonus effects are limited. I can only guarantee you'll receive them if you order now. Don't delay. Act now while it's fresh on your mind. Get the magic secrets revealed NOW!