Who Else Wants to Learn David Blaine Street Magic?

"These magic tricks will make you look like a God!"

(Learn David Blaine Street Magic even if you have never done a single trick in your entire life!)

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From: Simon Crack

Dear Future Master Magician,

Have you ever wanted to learn David Blaine street magic? Not lame tricks but eye popping, amazing, mind blowing magic? Magic that will have your audience stunned, getting the same reactions as I am sure you have seen David Blaine and Criss Angel achieve.

The kind of magic professional magicians don't want you to know. Secrets and techniques, that, up until now, you would have to pay $$$$$ for. Luckily for you that is all about to change...

So if you want to impress your friends, family or the opposite sex, read on for the secrets and learn David Blaine Street Magic the easy way!

I proudly introduce my brand new Magic Trick Tutorial CD. With this CD learning amazing David Blaine Street magic is now SO EASY.

learn david blaine street magic

*BREAKING NEWS* Did you know that the results of a new experiment announced on the 11th September at the BA Festival of Science in Liverpool, suggests that learning David Blaine Street Magic can improve social skills, boost confidence and improve self-esteem.

Uncover Magic, Mentalism, Levitation & Illusions, grab your tutorial CD RIGHT NOW!


Not Done So Already...

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YES, I want to learn all those amazing tricks and loads more!

This massive Magic Trick Tutorial CD features OVER 60 tutorial and performance videos of amazing magic tricks including coin tricks, card tricks, street magic tricks, mentalism effects and levitations.

As an added BONUS you will also receive extras such as hidden content and eBooks. Check them out HERE.

All videos are presented in a much higher resolution than traditional YouTube videos, meaning your tutorials will be crystal clear and advert free.

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You are in total control. PAUSE, REWIND, PLAY. At your convenience and more importantly at your own pace.

You are not constricted by viewing these tricks online. With this CD you OWN them view them offline on your laptop, or easily transfer the videos to your mobile phone or iPod for magic on the move.

Here is another quick video to show what I'll be sending you (There is even a free quick trick at the end!)

If you want to discover the secrets of Criss Angel and David Blaine click HERE right now.

This Magic Trick Tutorial CD is perfect for you if:

You want to amaze your friends and family
As a gift for someone who loves magic
You have a slow internet connection, so viewing videos online is a pain
You want to learn easy David Blaine Street Magic that is mind blowing
To impress the opposite sex!
You want to make money performing them

Where Do All These Amazing Tricks Come From?

Well I have literally spent $1000's on illusions over the years. I have read hundreds of books and watched thousands of magic shows. This is a massive compilation of all the most outstanding tricks, amazing illusions and fantastic effects. Absolutely no lame tricks here. I have dumped the rest and kept the best, saving you a lot of time and money!

If you're sick and tired of learning lame tricks then click HERE immediately.

Professionally printed, trimmed and sealed, my Magic Trick Tutorial CD is shop quality. If you are not TOTALLY satisfied with my product, simply return it within 30 DAYS for a FULL refund, no questions asked!

Let me just repeat that. Buy my Magic Tricks CD, watch it, learn the cool David Blaine Street Magic effects and if you are not 100% percent satisfied with the purchase, return it for a 100% refund, it is that easy! Remember no questions asked, no funny business just a simple and full refund. Either you love it or you get a refund. I can't say fairer than that.

Magic Trick Tutorial CD Guarantee

How can I offer such an amazing guarantee? Well. I know you will love to learn David Blaine Street Magic. I know this CD will have you doing incredible magic as soon as you receive it through the post. I know it will improving your life by giving you confidence, building your life skills, making you more popular and a fun person to be around - known for being the cool guy who does amazing tricks!

Enough already, I want this amazing Magic Trick CD NOW!

So what is this CD worth?

Well think of it like this. With just one of the tricks you will learn on this CD you could very easily walk into any bar or a party and make money with YOUR magic. Simply BET someone you can do a particular trick, like "I bet I can make this bottle cap levitate", then do it! (with the secrets on this CD) Then it's time to collect their money!

You can do this over and over, as many times as you want. You can easily get your money back, what you paid for this CD. So...

...how much would you expect to pay for over 60 David Blaine Street Magic trick videos? Well each individual effect would easily retail for at least $20.00 right?, so that's a real world value of $1200! But don't worry I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. In fact I'm not even going to charge you the cost of ONE video, I will do the whole CD at a ridiculously low INTRODUCTORY PRICE of JUST $17 plus shipping for ALL the tricks on one massive CD. This super deal can't last long.

Why so affordable? Well I think these David Blaine street magic tricks should be available to everyone, FOR A LIMITED PERIOD who loves magic, not just the super rich or the elite! So grab your copy NOW and start amazing everyone - or your money back!

Read What My Happy Customers Have to Say...

WOW, only $17? I bought all of these tricks from other people and it cost at least $100! Definitely worth the buy for beginners and experts. All these tricks are practical and worth way more than $17. You'd have to be stupid not to buy this.
Axmagic1, YouTube Member

This Tutorial CD is brilliant! The extensive range of easy to learn tricks proves to be fun for any age group, I'm going to order another for a stocking filler!
Louise Banks, UK

Fantastic. This collection of tricks keeps my kids mesmerized!
Mike Bashford, USA

This is an awesome trick CD, I love magic but do not have the money to spend on big trick sets, so this is perfect!
Donald Wright, USA

Well they sound very happy with the Magic Trick Tutorial CD, count me in too!

Pulse Stop Ebook

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Pulse Stop eBook
Learn how to stop your pulse, dead. Amazing!
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Self Folding Note eBook

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Self Folding Note
Make any bill fold up in the palm of your hand.
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Signed Card in Bag
Make a signed card penetrate a sealed bag!
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FREE Bonus #4
I promised myself I wouldn't mention this one. But I figured if I did not let you know you may never find it!

There is a secret URL (web link) on the CD case which takes you to another FREE eBook magic trick download! WORTH $9.99

$17 + $9.99 + $9.99 + $9.99 + $9.99 = $̶5̶6̶.9̶6̶   JUST $17

So you're getting $56.96 worth of top quality material for the bargain price of $17. Add to that a life time of customer support and further discussion via email and you have a deal that's very hard to beat!


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"Steal" It Today For Just

$̶5̶7̶.0̶0̶, $̶4̶7̶.0̶0̶, $̶3̶7̶.0̶0̶, SALE Only $17

YES! Simon, I want in!

Please let me claim my copy of the Magic Trick Tutorial CD at this great price while I still can!

I understand I will receive my jam packed, David Blaine Street Magic filled CD in the post very soon.

I also understand I am covered by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

PLUS this CD is both Mac and PC compatible.

On that basis, claim your copy of The Magic Trick Tutorial CD now by clicking the red ADD TO CART button below and learn David Blaine Street Magic the easy way!

Need help or advice with anything on the CD, or simply have unanswered questions with this product? Feel free to contact me

Yes I want to learn amazing David Blaine Street Magic NOW!

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