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Pencil Vanish

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The video was really fantastic!

Magic an Art or a Craft 
In today's day and age where it is rare to find clean entertainment, magic still holds its own. It continues to fascinate and amaze people. I do use …

It's magic!!! 
Always great tricks, tips and good stuff! Great Job Dude! Thanks.

The Conjurer 
This is coolest magic site! I know much of magic videos secrets. Magic should not be a hobby but as a profession! Thanks Simon!!

Magical Powers 
For the past two years, using your tricks exclusively, I have taught a Magic elective for an hour each day at a week long children's camp. The kids have …

You give me more than just magic 
Not only magic tricks that I have, but more than that I have become more confidence and have lot of friends!

Thank You Bro 
Hi bro, thanks 4 your tricks.... Man your tricks are really cool.

R. Zimmer 
Awesome videos and love the way you show how to do the tricks! It makes it so easy to learn! I hope I can be an ELITE member when the time comes! I am …

Very nice, very kind ! 
Thank you! You are creating a very nice platform for young magicians who want to learn magic in a very fine way! The Internet is so great for that. Doing …

Top hats off to you 
You are an inspiration to the magic world. I've been doing magic for over 30 years and have been put off by dealers who just charge a fortune and give …

You saved my show! 
I had a magic show and didnt know what to do so I thought of your rubberband trick and I owned the night! Thanks for teaching tricks 100% free. Keep the …

People Watch My Tricks at School 
It makes my day and next day even better when I see the smile of shock on their faces after I perform the tricks. I've seen many sites but nobody relly …

The way you share magic is simply great. My magic skills are getting better from the day I joined this site. Simon keep it up.

Your Awesome! 
Hey Simon I just love that vanishing pencil trick I got it today keep up the great work... *faints beacuse he's so awesome and epic*

Great for clown shows 
I love the tricks I learn here. I am using them at parties and they are such fun!

Awsome job man 
I have read a lot of pdf magic books but this one is my favorite. I could understand everything clearly and the illustration was perfect. Keep up the …

Simon's The Man 
You know what people keep asking me "How did you do that?" And to close people I reply "Simon Crack is the man". You Rock.

Love your tricks man. Hope to see more of it and wish you luck in all that you do.

Great tricks, I really enjoyed them.

Son of The Only True Magician 
This site is just MAGICAL!

I love this site!!!! 
I love this site and think your tricks are the best! I have done these tricks tons of times and they never get old. Nobody has ever found out the secret. …

Thanks a lot magic is my life and some day I will be the best magician in the world!

It's awesome dude. There's plenty of cool tricks there, good job dude...

NICE... :) 
You rock dude!

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Everybody knows that this site is Awesome - Thanks!

Sounds excellent Simon. I will be sure to join and I am looking forward to what you have to share.

Great great great! 
Have no words to say.....man amazing!!!

Nice work man. I'm sooo interested with this stuff. Thank you.

Thanks man! You are soooo coool...

Thank You very much!

A Magician Never Reveals His Secrets 
As a magician I promise never to reveal the secret of any tricks.

Cool Tricks  
Hahaha... I just baffled my pal with your tricks!

Thank you very much!

Great Project! 
I, as a semi pro magician, think that this is a great initiative! I really don't think that teaching magic would "destroy" magic. If it wasn't for this …

This was really cool. Need more things like this!

New Twists! 
Been entertaining friends and family for years with the same-o-same-o. Glad to see a site that some new twists are being taught!

Cool Stuff! 
Thanks a lot, my kids are really enjoying Dad's new hobby!

Hello Mindfreaks! 
I think this thing is cool!

Thanks a lot for your contribution to our free magic. Thanks from the heart...

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