Magical Powers

by The Great Bulgini
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

For the past two years, using your tricks exclusively, I have taught a Magic elective for an hour each day at a week long children's camp. The kids have been so amazed and enthusiastic that with a little practise they could become the talk of their classrooms.

However, my fondest memory was preforming the straw trick to a bunch of kindergarten kids in front of a large church congregation. During my usual patter, a young lad blurted out loudly with such conviction, 'You have no magical powers." Once the laughter in the audience subsided I assured him and his wiggly friends that they would be amazed. The moment I restored the string the wide-eyed boy's jaw hit the floor leaving him speechless and curious to see what other magical powers I possessed.

Thanks to your tricks you have inspired many young and old to take up the wonderful and mysterious art of Magic. I must thank for my new found Magical Powers!

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