This is one of the most memorable sleight of hand tricks you'll find! It's easy to learn and uses some very simple palming and concealing techniques.

The magician places a coin on top of his palm and cups his free hand above the coin. Suddenly a tiny hand reaches from inside the magician's hand and snatches the coin away! The magician then reveals both hands to be totally empty.

Easy difficulty level

• Extremely visual trick

Freaks people out


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THE SECRET: For this trick, you’ll need the Little Hand Gimmick that you can wear on your fingertip. (Pic 1)

You’ll also need a coin that reacts to magnets, as there is a hidden strong magnet inside the tiny hand! This is how the hand is able to grab the coin. (Pic 2)

slight of handPic 1
slight of handPic 2

Attach the little hand to your ring finger, or little finger if you prefer, (Pic 3)

To conceal it, loosely curl your fingers and hide it behind your palm. Don’t tense up your hand too much here, you want it to look natural. (Pic 4)

slight of handPic 3
slight of handPic 4

During your practice, get used to doing this motion with your ring finger. The tiny hand reaches up toward where your thumb meets your wrist, which is where the coin will be. (Pic 5)

Place the coin on your hand and cup the other on top as shown here, being careful not to flash the tiny arm to your audience yet. (Pic 6)

slight of handPic 5
slight of handPic 6

In this exposed view, you can see the motion that is required to make the hand grab the coin. (Pic 7)

When the coin has been grabbed and the tiny hand is hidden once again, quickly turn both hands over to show the tiny hand and coin have vanished! The trick here is to conceal the tiny hand and coin behind your other hand, using slight of hand! That's a lot of hands ;) (Pic 8)

slight of handPic 7
slight of handPic 8

Here’s what the audience would see if I remove my hand. We don’t want to show them this, of course, but it shows how easy it is to conceal gimmicks during a performance. (Pic 9)

Now you can show the back of your hands, returning the tiny hand to its original concealed position when you began the trick. Again, keep your fingers gently curled so that it looks natural. (Pic 10)

slight of handPic 9
slight of handPic 10

To truly complete the illusion, now you can secretly remove the tiny hand and palm it using your thumb. (Pic 11)

Doing this will allow you to extend the rest of your fingers and show that the hand is empty. If your audience suspected you were hiding something now they will really be scratching their heads! (Pic 12)

slight of handPic 11
slight of handPic 12

This cool sleight of hand trick is sure to become a crowd favorite! Kids love it as it looks like a baby's hand and adults love it as it looks so freaky.

It's such an unexpected surprise punch!

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