David Blaine is undoubtedly a great performer of Street Magic. His television specials, amazing stunts and unique presentation have catapulted him to stardom in recent years.

Would you believe however, that most of the illusions he performs are pretty easy to do? He manages to pull many of the tricks off simply with great showmanship and performance technique.

These Blaine style illusions are fun to do and easy to learn. But in order to get the same reactions from spectators as David does you must perform them well - so please practice!


Have fun learning and indeed contributing to the free street magic tricks submitted by my sites visitors HERE.

Street Magic originated from the traditional form of magic performance, that of busking. The magician would gather a crowd of spectators and perform an act for them. Upon completion the magician would seek payment. Today magic is mostly performed on the street for fun.

Street Magic often consists of slight of hand, card tricks and mentalism effects. The variety of illusions that Street Magic can present and the impromptu nature is what makes it so popular today.

Great magicians such as David Blaine, Criss Angel, Derren Brown and Paul Zenon have injected new life into the magic genre, making it contemporary, less stuffy and most importantly very enjoyable!

Most of the illusions you will learn here are not new, in fact they have been around for many, many years. It's just that recent performers have made certain types of illusions more popular again. A good example is Blaine and his levitation effect.

Blaine performed the Balducci Levitation on one of his TV specials. This effect was first published in 1974 by Ed Balducci (hence the name) but even he admitted to being taught it many years before by his cousin!

In this section you will learn cool Street Magic effects including Levitations, the Crushed and Restored Soda Can, the Vanishing Silk, Anti-gravity Water and the Floating Bill to name but a few!

The great thing about these Street Magic tricks is you can just walk up to anyone in the street or bar and perform a miracle. People will be blown away, their eyes will stick out. Then if you want simply walk away like David Blaine offering no kind of explanation what so ever, ha ha.

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