I love performing illusions with devilishly simple secrets.

Simple magic tricks are great because when performed correctly spectators are absolutely baffled, often thinking there must be some 'amazing' secret or new principle to the effect.


healed and sealed soda can

Most often than not the secret is really simple - when you know how of course. Simple magic tricks like this one are absolute gems and so fun to perform!

THE EFFECT: You show an opened, emptied and crushed soda can. Upon your command the can slowly restores itself, making noises as all the dents disappear.

You heal the hole in the top simply by passing your hand over it, so that the can is once again sealed and healed and looks like new! Now you open the can with a pfzzzt! and the filled can is emptied into a glass with real original soda pouring out!

Can be performed with any fizzy drinks can!
One of the greatest simple magic tricks I know
Impromptu, very little setup required
Can can be examined and/or kept by a spectator
Only one can is used, no switch!

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THE SECRET: This is one of the most simple magic tricks around. There are absolutely no switches involved. The trick is entirely self contained all you need is an ordinary fizzy drinks can. The trick makes use of Carbon Dioxide found inside these drinks. I use Coke or Pepsi as these fizzy drinks seem to contain the most Carbon Dioxide.


crushed and restored soda can

Hold a normal full Coke or Pepsi can upside down in the sink or outside if you prefer. Make a small pinhole approximately 10mm (1/2 inch) from the top of the can with a needle or tip of a sharp knife. (Pic 1)
(When I mentioned the top I mean the part you normally drink from)

Try to find a place that hides the hole as good as possible. There is normally a place in the pattern of the can which will help camouflage the tiny hole ie. A dark part of the pattern. BEWARE The fizzy drink inside will squirt out of the can at high pressure! Try to empty the can by about one third. When there is about two thirds of drink left in the can, turn it gently the right way up so that it stops squirting out.

crush and restore a soda can

Now squeeze the can so that it looks crushed and the fizzy drink fills the can up to the needle hole. Make the dents as soft as possible so that the power of the Carbon Dioxide does not crack the can later when you ‘restore’ it. Simply try to press the can together by the sides so that it gets a ‘waist’ (Pic 2). The can is beginning to look empty!

Colour a piece of paper black with a marker pen. Cut the paper to the shape of the can opening. Then simply attach this black hole with some water, saliva or magicians wax to where the hole would be if the can were open (Pic 3). The can now looks opened, emptied and crushed.

HANDLING: When the can is prepared, you have to experiment with how to handle it. You must be able to handle it effortlessly as it is supposed to be empty. You can swing it around and even lie it on its side, if the hole is upwards. DO NOT cover the hole with your fingers, this will start the expansion too soon.

RESTORING THE CAN: To restore the can simply adjust the grip of your hand so your thumb covers the small hole. If you now tense your arm so the fizzy drink starts to shake with a small movement (looking like you are concentration really hard), the Carbon Dioxide will expand the can to it’s original state (or very close to it!).

Hold your thumb tightly against the hole to stop any squeaking noises. Then sweep your second and third fingers across the ‘open’ hole and secretly remove the small piece of napkin, making it look as though you have healed the hole.

Now you can actually open the can with the ‘pfzzzt’ sound (remember to keep you thumb on the small hole while doing this or the ‘pfzzzt’ will not happen!) and empty the contents either into your mouth, on the floor, or into a glass if you have one handy.

You can then give the can away to one of your spectators, no one will find the small hole and it shows the can as normal and not ‘gaffed’ in anyway. This will give a greater impact to the trick.

PRESENTATION: The best reactions from this effect is when it is done seemingly impromptu - ie you are walking down the street with friends, see an empty can and perform the effect. Obviously you have to prepare the can well in advance.

Carbonated drinks will stay carbonated for a long time, as long as they are kept still. So it is possible to load the prepared can ahead of time, in any location you know that you will walk past again. For example near some other rubbish or at the side of the street.

Simple magic tricks like this one are so cool. The effect is mind blowing but the solution is so very easy! Have fun with this, it is one of my all time favorite simple magic tricks.


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