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Amazing Money Magic Tricks!

Money magic tricks are some of the strongest effects you can do. Learn how to penetrate a coin into a glass...

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Harry Houdini Exposed!

Learn Harry Houdini's escapology magic tricks, with chain escape...

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Sick Body Tricks: Rope Through Body

Learn one of the most SICK body tricks, as performed by Dynamo...

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Real Psychic Powers?

People with swear you have real psychic powers when you perform this trick...

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Amazing Close Up Magic Tricks

Here at FMT4u we teach only the BEST close up magic tricks....

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An Easy Coin Vanish Anyone Can Do...

I love coin vanish tricks, they can be some of the stongest in magic. Learn how to do an easy coin trick here...

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Magic Cards!

This is a great magic cards trick. Learn how to vanish a playing card and change one into another!

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An Amazing Coin Trick With A Matchbox

This is an amazing coin trick you can perform with any matchbox...

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Learn The Exploding Magic Dice Trick!

This is an amazing magic dice trick, it's so visual I love performing it! Learn it here...

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Ring Magic Trick Revealed!

Ring magic tricks are always fun to perform. Learn how to make a borrowed finger ring vanish and appear on your key ring!

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