A crazy coin magic trick! Learn how to push three pencils through three coins. Best thing? The coins can be borrowed any everything examined at the end of the effect.

The magician shows a coin case and asks to borrow three coins. Each coin is clearly placed in the case and a piece of paper is placed on top of the coins before the case is closed. Three pencils are then pushed right through each coin. Immediately the pencils are removed. Holes are still clearly seen until the paper is pulled out showing the coins have healed!  

Easy difficulty level

• Nothing added or taken away

Everything can be inspected


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THE SECRET: For this trick, you'll need this gimmick. There’s a special hidden button in the case hinge, seen here on the side of the case. (Pic 1) Use a pencil or pointy object to press the button, which activates the gimmick. (Pic 2)

coin magic trickPic 1
coin magic trickPic 2

When activated, you can now tilt the case downward (towards you) and the coin tray will slide out. This is going to move the coins out of the way for you to poke the pencil through them! (Pic 3)

Put the sliding tray back in position. Now you are ready to begin the trick. Put the 3 coins into the case. (Pic 4)

coin magic trickPic 3
coin magic trickPic 4

This is how the coins will move to achieve the illusion, but don’t show this to your audience! (Pic 5) Place your paper inside the case and close it. Leave a little extra paper hanging out near the hand that is holding the case. (Pic 6)

coin magic trickPic 5
coin magic trickPic 6

The reason for this is that the extra bit of paper will conceal the coin slider movement! (Pic 7) Place your fingers behind the case to conceal it from the underside as well. (Pic 8)

coin magic trickPic 7
coin magic trickPic 8

Now as you hold the case it should look completely natural. (Pic 9) Begin poking the pencils through the case. (Pic 10)  Clearly show the pencils penetrating the coins - show both front and back to show they really are going through.

coin magic trickPic 9
coin magic trickPic 10

Remove the pencils, and show the holes are really there if you like. As you pull the paper out, grab the end opposite from the gimmick tray, and grip the case as you slide the paper out. It will close the gimmick for you as you remove it! (Pic 11) Tilt the case forward slightly as you do this and let gravity give you a helping hand too. This puts the coins back into their original places.

coin magic trickPic 11
coin magic trickPic 12

There’s a tiny rod that you’ll need to secretly press in after this coin magic trick is done. (Pic 12) This locks the gimmick tray, preventing it from sliding out again, so now you can pass the case around for inspection and they will have no idea how it works!

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