It's true you can do magic too! Hi my name is Simon Crack and welcome to thanks for stopping by! This site is dedicated to my passion of MAGIC! I'm here to show you some very cool tricks.

This site really is a labor of love. I have been interested in magic ever since I can remember. Probably about the time this photo was taken... yep last week! ;-)

magic tricks exposed

Over the years I have built up a large repertoire of magic tricks, gathering them from books, magic stores, T.V and of course the internet. I decided It was about time I share just a little of what I have learned to magic enthusiasts like you!  So was born!

magic tricks exposed

Well only the idea really! I knew I wanted to create a magic website but had very little knowledge of actually building a site. Luckily for me, and as if by magic I found Solo Build it! The easiest way I have found to build a website that works.


Below is a picture of me performing one of my first magic shows (I'm the guy in red) This was for a birthday. Since then I have performed many more shows for friends, family and other events.

Isn't exposing magic tricks wrong? Well yes and no. I believe if you are giving away the secret just for the sake of it, then yes. For example you show someone a trick then immediately give away the secret - what was the point of that? I'm not here just to crudely expose magic, but to teach people who have an interest in the art.

magic tricks exposed

In the past couple of years I took some time away from this site and magic in general. I think I got a little burned out. But I'm back and looking forward to growing this site again!

You can see some of the many tricks I have collected over the years in my Magic Box. Here are just a few products on Amazon that are inside my Magic Box:

I look forward to showing you many of the magic tricks I have collected and hope you enjoy learning some old and new illusions. For beginners I hope I can show that you can do magic too!

I'm sure you will have fun with the trick tutorials on this site. Enjoy your stay at and come back as often as you like, I am always updating it! Remember with these tricks you can do magic.

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Happy conjuring!

Simon Crack.

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