Ring tricks are some of the most effective illusions you can do as you borrow the ring from your audience, so there's no possible way it can be gimmicked. Let's learn how to do the impossible with a borrowed ring!

  The performer passes a ring through his finger, teleports it onto an empty finger and also makes it vanish! A solid metal ring, breaking the laws of physics...

Very easy to do

Perform anywhere

• Audience can provide the prop, as well as inspect it

No gimmicks


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Ok, so Trick #1 is simple enough, start with the ring on your pinky. (Pic 1) A larger ring works best for this trick. Reach up and grasp the ring with your free hand, like this... (Pic 2)

ring tricksPic 1
ring tricksPic 2

Move the ring straight forward (away from your body) as you let your pinky bend naturally out of it. (Pic 3) This creates the illusion that the ring is melting right through your finger - of course you must do this action fast so that nobody notices the finger bend.

As soon as the ring is off, quickly put your pinky back to its original position to complete the effect. (Pic 4)

ring tricksPic 3
ring tricksPic 4

Trick #2 is pretty sneaky! Start with the ring on your index finger. (Pic 5) As your free hand covers the ring and the finger… (Pic 6)

ring tricksPic 5
ring tricksPic 6

Secretly swap and extend your middle finger and hide your index finger, while your free hand pretends to grab the ring. Do this move behind the cover of your free hand. (Pic 7) With your hand held at the proper angle, the middle finger will look like an index finger to your audience!

As your free hand pretends to toss the ring back on, very quickly extend your index finger again and tuck away the middle finger. This makes it look like the ring teleports onto an empty finger! (Pic 8)

ring tricksPic 7
ring tricksPic 8

Trick #3 is all about the angles. As you place the ring into your cupped hand…(Pic 9) Allow the ring to roll right down your fingers out the back of your hand, onto the table, along your arm and right into your lap! (Pic 10) This will take some practice to make sure the ring will be silent and roll all the way off the edge.

A soft performing table is perfect for this or a noisy environment. Also be sure to keep your arm down on the table to conceal the rolling ring. My arm is raised in this example just to show where the ring will go!

ring tricksPic 9
ring tricksPic 10

Onto the final Trick #4. Begin your performance by tapping a pen into your palm a few times. (Pic 11) When you are ready to do the vanish, make one more fast tapping motion and toss the ring upward into your hand that holds the pen and catch it. (Pic 12)

If done well, this motion will be too fast for people to notice and you can grip your hand naturally around the pen, which now also conceals the ring!

ring tricksPic 11
ring tricksPic 12

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