No magician can deny the effectiveness of a good finger trick! You don't need any props, all you need is some skill that comes with practice!

  The performer shows only his hands, and proceeds to blow your mind with some very strange physical tricks. He seemingly breaks his pinky finger, stretches his thumb and pushes ones hand through another!

Very easy to do

Perform anywhere

As performed by Dynamo

No gimmicks


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 For this trick, you just need some dexterity and speed! You will need to bend your pinky naturally. (Pic 1) The difference is in how you present it to the audience. 

Make sure your finger is outstretched to the side. (Pic 2)

finger trickPic 1
finger trickPic 2

As you bend it, turn your pinky slightly so that it naturally bends in toward your hand. (Pic 3) Be careful not to hurt yourself!

Use your thumb to cover your pinky joint. This makes it look like your pinky is bending in an impossible way. (Pic 4)

weird finger trickPic 3
crazy finger trickPic 4

With the next trick, the thumb stretch -  start with your thumb in your mouth at this position. (Pic 5) As you bring up your other hand to help with the pulling motion, swap your first thumb for the other, into your mouth quickly. (Pic 6)

thumb stretchPic 5
finger trickPic 6

Let your hands move into this position, and back up again quickly. (Pic 7) Replace the original thumb into your mouth as you pull your other hand away. (Pic 8) If done fast enough, no one will notice the switch! Do it a couple times then no more, don't give them enough time to figure it out.

finger trickPic 7
finger trickPic 8

With the final illusion, hand through hand - start in this position. (Pic 9)

As you prepare to make your hands ‘pass’ through each other, close the front hand while simultaneously opening the back hand. (Pic 10)

finger trickPic 9
finger trickPic 10

As you are doing this, move the fist forward while you move the back hand away. This will make it look like they have passed through each other! (Pic 11). This optical illusion recently wen't viral on Twitter!

finger trickPic 11


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