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Good Job 
Very good:)

want to learn magic 
i love magic

I am very interested in magic. Thank you for your free lessons. thanks

What an amazing site. 
I find your site very insightful. Your Free tutorials are so simple and easy to follow. I have already tried a few of the card tricks and, WOW!!, they …

Wonderful site! 
I've only been doing magic tricks for a short time, but thanks to your site I've learned so much! I love card tricks and would like to see more of them …

I love your site, and I think I'm a better magician because of it, I've learned a lot!

Thank you!!!! 
Thank you for such useful tricks!!!

I can just say enormous "Thank You" for your way of giving and sharing your knowledge to others for free... It is extremely unlikely nowadays in this …

Simon you have taken my magic to the next level 
Thank you so much for building this site I am A huge fan of FMT4U. P.S I Cant wait to try JUMP MAGIC.

to know magic tricks 
great site

This Site is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! 
I am a 12 years old and have had a passion for magic and your site has helped me become a better magician Thank You Simon.

This Site is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! 
I am a 12 years old and have had a passion for magic and your site has helped me become a better magician Thank You Simon.

Great Teacher 
Thank you for all your time and dedication to this magical field. A lot of people like me, now, can transmit the sensation of positive illusion to the …

llllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your magic tricks it's just awesome and clever (i'm not indian …

a long time subscriber.. 
You had a trick on your site called "the magic Assistant" using the "out to lunch" principle...I would love to see this trick put back up on your website …

Great site 
Hey there - I am a magician ( and have been for the last 15 years so its great to see a site like this which offers original …

This site is one of the best things that ever happened to me!!!!!!

Build you own and free magic 
I was reading that several people don't have access to magic. Much of the magic can be made easily if you study the basic principles of magic. Go to the …

General Magic 
Any performer must believe that they are an actor or actress playing the part of a magician. Each "Magician" must be a performer first so that they can …

the dragon 
Hi my name is Jack cook, i found your website and love it its full of awesome tricks which amaze my family and friends, i would also like your advice on …

i love magic 
im realy inspeard by your magic i too want to be a illusionist

Great Tricks 
Great Selection Of Tricks. And A WEbsite I Come To Every Day. WEll Done!

Crazy magic 
I love your magics

Your site! 
That I LOVE ths website! its great im getting better and better everyday. Also I was watching Dynamo: Magician Impossible the other night and in one …

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If it werent 4 u i woodnt have made new freindes by doing magic u have been my inspriration (=

i want to see more cool coin tricks and your so cool dude.


cool magic 
Thank you very much for sharing your cool magic tricks with us! Hope to see you live one time!

thanks for you 
your site is amazing..i would like to see more of your new tricks in the of luck.

Magic Dreams at Mallorca 
that its fantastic having found your homepage. I learn and learn since 20 years ,and have invested much money in my hobby.... Now there is someone,who …

This Site is The Best 
I really liked this site because it is so cool. I really liked it to show it to my friends

Great Job 
You are doing a great job out there. Perfect handling, quick hands and pretty smart tricks. I would like to see some new tricks from you. Great job man. …

I am not a magician, but my dad is a magician who performed in his childhood in small festivals in his village. He is not performing now. I was lucky …

This site is da bomb 
I am 10 and all the magic tricks that I havent got in my magic kit the rest has been learned here you are awesome Simon!

its cool just i want say you are SMART Man HaPpPpPpy new year

Amazing, Legend, Awesome Website 
This is amazing and I am really happy with what you have put on this website. My favourite trick is 'Arm Twist'. I did this to my friends and they just …

Me encanta tu pagina  
I love the page xD

like you simon your loyal ness to magic will keep it till centuries iam ahsan you know me good work

your site is the best

I LOVE this site. You explain the tricks so good. And I have impressed many people with them. Thank you!


card tricks 
i love learning new magic tricks like card magic or leavitation many more i'd like to be part of the club.

My message to you ^_^ 
Hi there my name is Mike and I'm gonna say that I'm one of your fans. I love your site coz it is awesome and amazing. I've been learn many magic tricks …

tengo problemas  
tengo problemas con el truco de spining card me ayudas??

Your Site is Very Nice... 
Hey Simon,how are you? That's me Jean I signed about 3 months ago and learned many, many magic tricks from your site and from my friends. I just …

Awesome sight 
This sight is really great it teaches you lots of great tricks it is awesome please add even more tricks by

This website is awsome!

About Your Site 
Very good site and easy to navigate. It would be better if you can talk through your tricks while you are doing them rather than just have music. Although …

can you teach awsome magic tricks like fraud the only trick I want to revealed?couse my only dream is to be a great magician in the history of philippines. …

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This is a wonderful website providing such entertainment.

Your site is cool... 
Your site is cool. My name is Cody Marshall I am a beginner magician from South Dakota. I am 10 and just started magic in January 2010. Your site has … is the Best! is the best magic website I have ever come across. Magic from this very website has made me a star among my friends. Thank you very …

You are very patient and do a great job! Best wishes for the future. Jerome (French)

This Is The BEST MAGIC SITE Ever!! 
You are the best magician I've seen and I've seen many.

This site is pretty good. I have always been fascinated by card tricks and I do know a couple myself. I would like to learn some more, just as a hobby! …

You Are Amazing... 
Hey dude, you are amazing, I'm from Chile and your magic website is the best I've found :)

Magic Shows People What's possible...and Encourages Them To Dream! 
I think your site is Great! Your presentation and execution of the tricks are very good. I like your street magic best. I have been performing and helping …

Amazing Job! 
While I deeply enjoy magic tricks, they always frustrate me. How do they do it?! Now I know how to perform some of the awesome magic tricks! Learning my …

Thanks for this site I have learned so many tricks and I have actually gotten a job doing magic for parties and make money by doing street magic.

Thank You!!! 
I've been looking for a good magic site, but now I'm not searching anymore because I found this one and it is GREAT!!

Cool Tricks Start With Simon... 
I learned all the coolest tricks my friends still wonder how it's done. Because of this site, I'm always looking at my friends stare at the sky.

You Are A Great Magician 
The tricks are amazing, you are a great magician and I am having fun while learning them. I am very keen to learn magic tricks and enjoy doing them. …

Thanks for sharing 
This site is just so COOL! I've learned many magic tricks elsewhere before (and had been known as a magician among some of my friends) but here, I can …

Nice site but real magicians do not expose everything that they have picked up from books etc. If people want to become magicians then they should make …

Thank you very much! 
Hi, I'm just a beginner, I started learning magic this year. One day I searched for tricks online and I found your site. It's great and very helpful …

Brilliant Site! 
This is probably the best site I've ever been to for magic, because most of the other magic sites are all just really a waste of time and money, but here …

Keep Up The Good Work! 
Finally, a place where you can actually get GOOD magic for FREE. Keep up the good work Simon :)

One fantastic e-site... Makes magic look so easy. Makes doing magic so easy. Thanks. Keep it up.

This is Wonderful... 
I just wanna say I'm a fan of your videos at YouTube and really like your site. I have always enjoyed magic.

God I love Your Site... 
Hey, Simon thank you so much for the hidden trick it's awesome I will perform it to my friends and sure they will be amazed, God I love your site number …

Keep On! : ) 
Hi! My name is Felix - I'm from Austria. I really like your tricks. Keep on! Cheers, Felix.

Wicked Site... 
Congratulations on the wicked site. Signed up yesterday, Ive just gotten into magic and Ive gotta say from all the sites Ive seen whilst trying to pick …

Awesome Website!! 
Your website is amazing!! Keep on the good work =) I hope that you add some more Street Magic Tricks soon...

Very Good Tricks... 
This site is very good. I've just started to do magic for 2 months now. It would be good if you do some more tricks to float things in the air!

Click here to write your own.

Keep It Up! 
I love your site. Whenever I want to learn a trick I come directly here. I also love your merchandise section. It is perfect to prove to other people that …

A Fellow Magician Was Blown Away! 
Love your site. I made the coin through card and took it with me on vacation. Showed the effect to a fellow magician and he was blown away by the effect. …

Hello, I'm from the Netherlands. My English is not very good. You have a very good site thanks for all the tricks!

Best Closer For A Kids Show? 
My name is Kolton and I am going to be doing a kid's show here in a few months. I have been doing magic for 8 or 9 years and have mastered the basics and …

This is the coolest site ever!

Awesome Site 
I love your site man! You should try to get some more card tricks in. I've just been practicing magic for only about two months but your site has helped …

Interesting Tricks! 
You seem to have lots of interesting tricks. I am glad to have found you!!! Edgar Lundgren.

Hello from Germany! 
Hi Simon, I love your magic. It's really amazing :) I try to learn all of your tricks. I would be very happy, if there was a FMT4U.COM website in German! …

You Got Me Re-interested In Magic Again... 
Hey Simon, Just letting you know that you got me re-interested in magic again and my friends are going mad at some of the tricks especially PENny Change …

I Love Your Site! 
I love your site! I'm getting more and more popular everyday at school, thanks to you! You rule, keep up the good work!

Hi Simon, thank you for sharing you wealth of experience with me. In no time at all, I learnt to perform magic tricks like a pro which has really done …

Hi Simon, thank you for sharing you wealth of experience with me. In no time at all, I learnt to perform magic tricks like a pro which has really done …

I Always Love Magic 
I always love magic, but your magic is the best! I'd like to say four words and the words are: You Are The Best!!!

I love your site... 
Hey I'm Anthony Jones and I'm a 12 year old who loves doing magic tricks and learns most of them from here. Unfortunately I don't have the money to buy …

Nice! Very Nice! 
Well this is the BEST website that gives magic for free!

great BUT... 
I love your magic tricks. They are great Simon, BUT The melting matches trick I can't do cause I can't handle matches. Can I use toothpicks? I tried it …

I Appreciate That You Do This, & For Free! 
Hey I was just wondering if you could figure out how to do the trick where you swallow the coin and it ends up in your arm? It's been on of my favorites …

I Hope The Site Gets Bigger & Bigger... 
Hi, I'm a professional magician from Brazil and I just wanted to congratulate you for this amazing magic site. I started by learning tricks on the internet …

The best at magic! 
Hey you're the best at magic tricks! I go to my 3rd grade class and show all my friends magic tricks from your website. Thanks man!

Willing Magician Tutor? 
Hey, I just want to say the site is brilliant and I'm sure it wont attract one trick pony's who feel like pretending to be magicians but will certainly …

You Are The Best! 
You are the best magician I have seen and thanks for your cool magical stuff!

Cudos to you! 
What a great site. Cudos to you, fella. Been on here for what seems like the entire night and am building my magician's toolbox already! magnets, gum, …

Thank you! 
Thank you for teaching me these outstanding tricks and teaching the best part that magic is limited only by imagination.

Amazing Site... 
Hi, I'm Adio from Indonesia, your magic tricks are amazing. Thanks for this site!

Hi! This site is perfect. I love your magic tricks. The videos are very good. Thanks a lot.

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Thank You 
Thanks a lot! I have been trying to learn magic for over 3 MONTHS and haven't found a good website but you are the BEST of the BEST!

Excellent Tricks! 
I love magic but i don't have many supplies so I can really only do some coin tricks and card trick and some other stuff but anyway your magic is really …

Truly Outrageous 
You are doing a great job Simon sharing your magic. We know it takes 5 mins for us to know the same but you have spent loads of time to make this possible. …

I'm A Huge Fan! 
Hi, I am a huge fan of You are awesome and very good at magic tricks!!!

Great Site Chum! 
Many thanks for all the cool stuff, the iPhone trick is superb!

I Love This Site! 
I love the tricks you have on here. It would be cool to see a lot more tricks. One of my favorites is the sponge ball one. Keep up the good work and add …

Amazimg Aite 
I love this site and a big thank you to Simon. You are amazing and we want more amazing tricks from you. Best wishes.

Easiest Site Ever! 
Never before have I seen a site that is so easy to understand. All the other sites, were really hard to understand, but yours is so easy, keep it up.

Wonderful Site! 
Hey man, These tricks really have helped me out so much. I have made 50 dollars doing street magic and have spent it on more magic (Ah, the circle of …

Thanks to FreeMagicTricks4u I have learned a lot of cool tricks. Keep going man, and I hope I can see more cool tricks from you. :)

N!ce stuff you got here... I'm really impressed.

Your Great 
Your really great, wow magic is in this place... From Mark.

Fantastic Magic! 
Simon Hi, I would just like to say that I love your tricks, you have helped me a lot and I hope you will have more tricks soon.

I Have Always Loved Magic! 
Hi, I found your site while searching magic tricks online. I have always loved magic and my kids and I did tricks as they were growing up. I now …

Great Tricks.. 
I love your tricks very much and it is interesting. There is lots of cool magic tricks and stuff inside that I have to keep track. Thanks very much, hope …

Awesome Site! 
Your site is the best for learning magic tricks. I have learnt so many tricks that have really impressed my friends and family.

Love Your Site! 
I Love Your Site!

Great Site 
I have learned much from you and your site but would love to see some that could be performed as gospel magic. Keep up the fantastic work.

Awesome Site! 
You helped me a lot with this site I've earned $72 with those tricks already!

All of your tricks are cool 
Thank you for teaching me so many of your cool tricks.

Bali is Magic! 
Hi Simon It's spike Stewart here, sorry I missed the CD, it looks great, let me know when you go crazy again and I'll get one. I've been in Bali …

Great Website! 
Hi Simon, I just wanted to thank you for putting such a great website up. I've always wanted to learn some of the amazing tricks to add to my magic …

This is the best FREE magic site EVER!! 
I am 12 years old, and I love magic. Performing and seeing it. I'm always looking for free magic on the web, and this is the best site I've come across! …

Very Very Very Very Very Good 
Your site is very good, I like your magic. Now, I can do magic! Thank's yeah!

Always one of my dreams! 
I won 1st place in my talent show thanks to you (always one of my dreams). Your videos are short and sweet and to the point with no extra filler which …

Click here to write your own.

Amazing Site 
This is the best trick site that I have come across! It reveals simple but amazing tricks that require a simple gimmick or none at all! I love this …

THANK YOU! This is amazing. Truly amazing. I've been practicing the coin in can trick.

Your site is great!!! 
I love It is one of my favourite web sites. Thanks for all the free tricks.

Holy Cow! 
Simon, you're a great magician!! I'm practicing some magic that your teaching and I'm actually blowing my friends minds! I might sign up to your fan club! …

Hi, Mister magician. Your work is really nice and amazing. Keep it up. Be always happy!

Hey, thanks for the tricks! I love your site and I learned a lot of tricks here...

Magic Is A Beautiful Art  
Thanks to your magic website I am the class magician. Your magic is great and I like the Killer Coin Vanish the most. Can you put more magic tricks up? …

I love magic 
I love magic too and I would like to become a magician like you. I love your magic tricks. I amaze my friends, thanks for all your tricks. I'm almost famous …

"New Old Magic" 
Dear Simon, I gave a lecture on taking two old tricks and combining them into one NEW trick. I also talked about taking a tired old trick, giving it …

Our kids love your website! 
Dear Simon, Our kids love your website. Thank you for sharing magic with them. They use your tricks to put on shows for the neighbors and younger kids. …

This site is great for anyone who likes magic!

How do you do it? 
How do you come up with all of these cool tricks? They are awesome!

Free levitating card 
Your performance is marvelous! With tips on the web page, detailed diagrams and instructions it's great! Yep. Once again, good showmanship!

Levitating, Spinning Card Trick 
Hi Simon, I just watched your vid on the levitating, spinning card trick. It looks good. I've seen it at another source before, but you really take …

Your tricks are just fabulous!

A very cool site 
this is a very cool site for us all who want to learn magic so keep up the good work and thanks so much!!

This is the best trick site 
This is the best trick site I have seen for pure amateurs. My kids love the tricks I show them and they bring their friends to see. Thanks for giving me …

That trick was amazing! 
That trick was amazing! The only thing is I don't have invisible thread. Could you make a tutorial on how to make some? That would be great! : Micheal …

Hi Simon! 
Thanks for your cool website I learnt a lot of tricks from it :)

Awesome Site Man! 
I wanted to say thanks for this site. I have learned many tricks and I have tried it on my friends. They all get so baffled. It is so funny.

I'm very amazed by you're magic tricks so I became your member and I love magic very much. When I was a kid I didn't know how to do magic and it really …

Thanks A Lot! 
This site has really helped me. A trick I would possibly like to see is a one handed coin vanish. I have only been doing magic for a few months and …

Loving Your Work! 
Very good levitating card trick, if it looks as good in real life as it does in the video it's a winner.

Hi, I really like your magic, and the videos are great :) I enjoy watching them and I am learning a lot of new and cool things. THANK YOU!! Nicolai. …

Awesome Card Levetation Trick! 
Hey Simon, It's Leo, the second life of Houdini. I love the Card Levetation Trick! You might see it on YouTube soon. Can't Wait till the next trick! …

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Thank you for your magic tricks. That's really cool. I love all your tricks, especially cards tricks. Can you teach me more???

You are my Magic Teracher! 
It's great to sign your guestbook. I´m gonna answer your 3 questions. 1. I would like to see more street magic tricks and card tricks. 2. I´ve …

Very believable... 
Had me in awe! You are very talented and have a good web site. I must say, very original and entertaining. A true magician for sure.

This website is great 
I'm a beginner magician who was looking for a magic website. When I found this one, I kept coming back for more.

I Liked The card Levatation Trick 
Hey thanks for the trick, I even got some invisible thread a little while ago!

Spinning Card Trick 
It's a great trick. Last week I bought a DVD with magic tricks. On this DVD I saw the trick, I love it. It's one of my favourite tricks. Well done!

Magic Tricks of Cards 
Best magician!

Nice Site 
I am 15 years old and a noob in magic a beginner (I can do simple tricks very well but can't do big complicated magic... yet). I think this is a great …

The Best.. 
Your site is very cool, can u post more magic tricks please. Keep up the good work guys..!!

Great Site! 
hey Simon! Just wanted to say that the site is great - keep up the good work!

I think you're awesome it must have taken a while to learn all these. Thanks for the site to help with my own magic (it's getting there).

I Love This Site 
Anybody who wants to learn great magic for free, this is the place to do it!

Card & Street Tricks! 
I would like to see more new tricks, including card and street magic. I like them cos they astonish people. It has been 2 yrs and as a young magician …

I am 11 years old and am on your site every time I get home from school and stay on for about 1 hour. I have been doing magic tricks four a pretty long …

Your Sooooo Amazing Mr. Magician! 
Your site is so amazing! I've learned a lot of magic, I mean tricks.... Please teach us more magic tricks so that we can amaze our friends and family... …

Thanks for revealing all these tricks Ive been a MUCH BETTER magician!

You have done amazing things that have changed my life! I have shown my friends and others and now they think I'm an awesome magician. They are always …

I really love your website! I bet that there's 100's of people that are members right now, even though this website is new. I'm going to try to learn as …

Simon u r the best! ;) 
First of all, I wanna thank you for teaching all these magic tricks! They’re realy awesome. You are a very good teacher and great illusionist. At …

Thank You! 
I am a police officer...and I use magic tricks in teaching DARE and community oriented police classes in my spare time. Your site has helped me greatly …

Great Job! 
Hey Simon, your site is so great it's taught me some awesome tricks.

Good Work 
Hi Simon, I'd just like to say your site is the best site in the world!

Thanks Simon!!! 
I have learned magic tricks for years but I have not found such a great site. I thank Simon and request do not remove this site!

Site is absolutely amazing. It's perfect for the young magician starting out and the old pro needing a tad bit of a refresher. Top notch my good fellow! …

Click here to write your own.

I'd just like to say that I love this site so much that I got it as a homepage and all the T-shirts. fee magic tricks 4 u is wicked.

Thanks For The Great Website 
A couple of months ago you had a "Free Trick" It was the Invisible Deck and invisible marker where the person drew an "X" on the back of an imaginary …

Thank You! 
Magic is not out of reach thanks to this site. I really like it. I used to play magic with rubber, now I can use other things though I am only 14 years …

Thanks For Opening This Wonderful Site. 
Being an 18yr old and a big magic lover I found the site very useful and entertaining. Now I'm making myself a reputation as a magician and developing …

Thanks a lot!! 
This site has greatly expanded my knowledge of magic which I enjoy a lot!!! Keep up the awesome work B-)

Very Good Magician! 
Your a very Good Magician I started doing magic just 2-3 days ago and now I know about 20-25 Magic Tricks, half from you. When you explain how, it makes …

About the free DvDs 
First of all, i want to ask if this "event" is still on, since my internet was broke for more then a month, so i couldn't check my e-mails...... I'd want …

This site is so awesome. I have impressed my friends by doing some of the magic tricks here. Keep up the good work!

Keep it up! 
Hi I'm Felix from Austria. Thank you so much to be so generous as to let us know the secrets of magic! I've been performing magic for three years …

Very Nice! 
Your website is cool man. I have been looking for cool magic tricks for a long time, I think I am coming to the right place!

Keep The Tricks Coming! 
Hi Simon, I used to practice magic when I was a youngster but found it difficult to keep it up due to other commitments. I have recently rediscovered …

Cool Site 
This is a cool site. I like it Simon! My name is Novo and I wanna be a great magician like you. Please add more coin and card tricks, Bye.

Great Trickz Brother... 
Hi! I would like to say thanks for the great tricks that you teach. I hope there is more tricks to come ^_^ Well done my master. :)

Thank You! 
Thank you because you teach me lots of magic tricks!

Thanks Simon 
Although I'm far from having any talent as a magician - (I'm actually a musician). I find it fascinating, and as you have such a wealth of cool stuff on …

Thumbs Up!! 
Hi Simon, I must say, this is a really cool site. I've been interested in magic for quite some time and I have found this site very helpful with all …

Your website is fabulous. I would be delighted if you add beginner escapology to your site. It could help amateurs. My favorites are card tricks and …

Thank you so much for creating such a website. I am 16 and live in California in the U.S. Criss Angel and David Blaine inspired me to start learning magic. …

Reviewing The Magic Trick DVD 
I'm 17 years old and from India. I've been doing magic for 3 years now and I am very good at it. I've even done street magic on the streets with a professional …

I love all your stuff 
I love all your stuff. I would like to see more vanishing tricks or impressive coin tricks (my favourites). I've only been doing magic for a month and …

Good Work 
I'm 19 I live in the Southwest of England and it's nice of you to keep us up to date every now and then with new magic tricks. The only trouble I'm …

Best Magician Ever 
Your website is the best website ever. I'm 18 years old. Thank you so much for sharing these magic trick. Actually I've learned all your coin, card, street, …

You do really good tricks, I too want to become a magician like you. I like tricks like the one you recently sent me the Vanishing Silk . I make all …

The Greatest Amazing Site 
Hi, I am 30 years old from Indonesia. I just want to say thank you for your site. Your site makes me many new friends by doing magic for them. I really, …

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn magic for free. I am a beginner doing magic with my pupils and I learn a lot from your site. I use …

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free dvd 
Hi Simon My name is Chris and I would be delighted to send you an honest review of your new dvd. I am 32 years old and have just started my jorney …

I am 39 and I just got interested in magic again I would like to review the dvd's

Loving the Site! 
Thanks so much for making this site. I've been doing magic for years and this has been a source of plenty of great and easy tricks ever since I found it. …

Very Great Site! 
I love your site! I have learned many tricks from you. This is a great site especially because you give the tricks for free. By the way my name is Aurk …

DVD Review 
Greetings Simon, I'm 46 and I'm teaching my 5 y/o a few things. We'd be happy to review your new dvd. Thanks Dragon

free dvd 
I have been a clown for ten years and I am always looking for something new in clowning or magic. I am 68 years young and enjoy making people laugh.

I'm very happy to learn easy magic tricks, I'm a big fun. I'm 30 years old from the Philippines and a father of two children. Magic has just come to my …

I showed my friend the Floating Card Trick . At first he didn't notice anything. Then I told him to put his hand over the card. When it "floated" he screamed …

would love to reveiw your new dvd I am 42 years old 
Great web page keeep up the great work

I've really enjoyed these tricks. They're a lot of fun and they don't require a lot of practice to learn.

magic dvd 
my dad gets magic tricks from this site for me to learn and do in shows,so we would love to get a free dvd to review for you, i did a 2hr show to raise …

DVD Preview 
Hi Simon, Dane Spirio here. I am 44 years old and I am interested in previewing the Magic DVD. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo to upload (I don't …

I would like to review your DVD. 
I really enjoy your efforts on this site to encourage others to perform wonderful illusions. You really work hard to present contemporary effects, as well …

I have been performing for over 50 years. I still perform and find your site very helpful. Even if you know an effect and are proficient at it, sometimes …

Love This Site! 
I am 30 years old and have been performing magic for people since I was 12. I love this site! It has been a great place to learn different variations of …

DVD review 
Yes, I would like to review your dvd for a testemonial review. My name is Joe and I am 37 yrs. old. Unfortunitly I do not have a photo I can upload right …

Awesome Tricks! 
Hi, I am 20 years old and live in India. I just perform magic and try to develop my magic skill to make people happier. I have seen your ticks, they …

Free magic trick DVD 
I would love to WIN. I am just starting to clown and need all the help I can get!

magic mate 
hi im chris. i live in england and im a big fan of your site. a free dvd sounds good and i promise to review it as i see it which im sure will be awsome …

The Site is Awesome 
I love the site. I have been using many of the tricks I learned from this site and have got great reactions to them. I would also like to receive that … 
This web page has really helped me. When I was "out-of-the-scene" I came here and that happened to be a "special week". There were special limited videos …

FREE DVD to give opinion on! 
I have studied magic for about 30+ years and was a member of SAM - was based w/ an overseas airline and have flown for over 40 years mostly in jets as …

Copies of the Magic Trick DVD 
I think that your site is awesome and I use it all the time. I am participating in my school cabaret as a magician and every single trick I am using is …

I accept your invitation review your Magic DVD. I am 60 years old and delight my grandson with many of your tricks. Your web site is a delight. I especially …

I would like the free DVD. 
My name is Terry. I am 57 yrs. old and have been doing Mentalism for over 30 years. I like this site, and I'd like to see more mental things. Great site …

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A Good Website for Magic Lovers 
I started learning magic about half a year ago and I am addicted to it. Almost everyday I try to find out new magic to learn. My suggestion is to provide …

wish to be reviewer 
always looking to assist with projects and would be happy to watch you DVD and give my honest opinion ALSO have my own DVD with 12 EASY Selfworking tricks …

Want to review your DVD 
I just received the email and I am interested in reviewing your magic trick dvd. I am 43 years old and have been a "hobby" magician since childhood. …

DVD Review 
Hello Simon, I am a 44-year-old part-time magician. I have been performing magic for audiences for some time now, but I think I enjoy performing for my …

Something for Everyone 
Great site with something for everyone. You have been helpful, forthright in supplying information and inspiring. I am 36 years old and love magic …

magic trick dvd 
Hi! I wanted to qualify to the dvd. I'm 14 years old and freemagictricks4u is the first site where I ever learned "good" magic. And i swear that …

(: Magical Matters :) 
These really are "Free Magic Tricks 4 Me" huh. I'm getting pretty tired of other magic sites trying to pull tricks on me and make my money disappear. …

This Website is Awesome!!! 
Hey dude! Thanks for creating this site. My friends and I own every accessory and enjoy this web site.

Great job sir, keep it up. Love your tricks and I amaze my friends with them. They just love it. Peace!

Just to Say Thanks... 
I think the tricks you have are really brilliant and easy to learn which is very helpful. I'm not a very good magician but I can still manage to trick …

I love this site!!! 
Hi Simon, I love this site of yours! I have learned each and every trick posted here. I have a request. Could you please reveal the "UNSCREWING A NUT …

Hi, I would like to thank you so much for sharing the magic. I love you site, was on it today for 3 hours! Paul Cook.

Nice Site... 
I am just 14 and I can do many more magic tricks than before!

Brilliant Site 
Really good site, well done you! I have been performing street and close up for about 4 years now, looking through reminds me of when I was first starting …

I am a huge fan of your magic site.....Me and my 14 year old son have a blast perfecting a lot of the card and coin tricks which are our favorites. …

Hi Simon... 
People like you are not selfish in giving people the smiles and amazement they see each time magic is being performed. Thank you so much! I appreciate …

Jack of Trades 101
Magician of the Dark Arts
Good day, I would like to say thank you for providing this site for everyone to learn the wonderful art of magic. I completely agree with you on …

The World in the Magical
Hands of "Simon"
I just want to thank you for making such a wonderful site and for teaching me some FREE magic tricks! I'd like to see more levitation effects!

Nice Work 
Nice website! It's really helped me a lot. I started magic not long ago but your site really helped me. Now I can do plenty of tricks thanks to you and …

Cool Site 
I love the site and it's one of the first sites that doesn't come up in my face and try and get me to buy something. I'm very very happy that I found your …

Just Great 
I am 15 years old and I have just started doing shows for parties. I have about a 45 minute show. I really love the tricks you show us and keep it up! …

Great Site! 
This is truly a great site I've learned lots of new tricks, my only complaint is that I've already posted two tricks and neither of them are on the site, …

Magic Greetings from Serbia! 
You are a WONDERFUL Magician! I am amazed. I must learn some of your tricks, to fool my friends and people at work. Keep on going man!

Your Site is Amazing! 
It is the only site I go to for magic tricks! You are amazing! I enjoy coming to this site even though I watch the same stuff over and over, it's still …

Thank you very much! 
I just want to thank you for making such a wonderful site. I have really learned a lot here already and still have much of the site to explore. So, at …

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You helped me amaze
my little sister!
Thank You for setting up this website! It has helped me amaze my little sister. She loves magic and if it was not for your website I'd have no magic tricks! …

Man you are amazing! 
I'd like to see more levitation tricks!

So many tricks! 
Great website I have learned so many tricks! Thanks =) Andres.

Great Site! 
The PENny Change was a very good trick. I have a few of my own with pens. I tried your Rubber Band Tricks and they work perfectly. Thanks for all, …

One of your fans! 
Hey it is one of your fans. I go to your website more that 5 times a week! The Matchstick Tricks are pretty awesome! I really fool the adults and kids …

Keep up the good work! 
Just to say keep up the good work and thanks for all the free tricks. I hope you're rich by now because you deserve it. Cheers my man. Rodders

Hey Simon! 
I just wanted to say that you have an awesome site. I've really learned so much since I subscribed to your page. By the way, I wanted to know if you can …

Thanks for making us Magicians! 
I want to thank you for teaching me and my friends all the cool magic tricks!

Kudos to You! 
I must say that I love your website! I've been doing magic for about a year, and you are teaching me some amazing effects! Kudos to you. Keep it up, …

Thanks a Ton! 
I appreciate all the trouble you've taken. It's not easy to give away anything. But you have given so much! Thanks a ton. I can see what you mean when …

Love your site! 
I love your site! I showed these magic tricks to my family and friends and they were amazed. Thanks!

Levitating a Keyboard? 
Simon, Hello, I love your site and find it very informative. As a novice magician, my real job is as a musician and I have an interest in involving …

Great impromptu effects! 
Hi, I really like the impromptu effects you have. They are simple and very, very effective. The gadgets if needed can be easily made. Thank you! I …

I LOVE MAGIC! Thanks Simon... 
This is an awesome site, I love magic but do not have the money to spend on big trick sets. I am subscribed to this site and love the updates. I have gotten …

You are Awesome Dude! 
Thanks man for all the cool magic tricks. Being a great fan of magic I always wanted to get my hands on some of these tricks. Ever since I found your …

Your Site is Appreciated! 
Hi Simon, Just a quick mail to let you know it was appreciated. It will give me something to have a little fun with my family and friends! :) Thank …

What's up Simon 
My name is Raymond I have been performing magic for about 11 years and your site has helped me advance my magic skills. The kind of tricks I favor are …

Alway's a Pleasure 
Hi Simon, It is always a pleasure to learn new things. Especially from a highly charged person, it is infectious. It makes all the guys in contact feel …

Thank You Simon 
I just performed at a child's Birthday party and I used the rubber band trick 'Impossible Cuffs'. It went down so well that I was thinking about what …

I'd just like to say... 
Hello Mr Simon, I like the site too, too much! You are doing great things. I really appreciate you. Thank you very, very much.

I thought Magic was a lost art! 
Thank you, Just when I was afraid magic was a lost art, I found your site!!! Most of what I perform is close up magic. Linking/unlinking rubber bands, …

Thanks a lot for all your cool magic tricks. There are great! I love the Killer Coin Vanish where you tape it to the back of your hand. I've already …

You Did A Great Job! 
Hello Simon, I love the website! I have learned some tricks that I have been trying out on the kids. Thanks again for the did a great job! Cheers, …

I Love FreeMagicTricks4u! 
I love FreeMagicTricks4u! I like to learn all about magic at FreeMagicTricks4u! ^_^

I Love Magic... 
Hi, I'm Andy The Magician. For me, is the best website because I have learned a lot of magic that I have'nt been able to learn …

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I Give My Special Thanks to You 
I don't believe I've finally got here... I have always looked for these tricks and when I got here and I saw the bonus eBooks... I smiled looking at the …

I got magicians thread and people are so amazed when I show them the magic tricks you thought me, thanks!

Best Magic Site 
This is the best magic site I know and I've seen a lot! =D

Doing A Wonderful Job 
Simon, you are doing an absolutely awesome job!!! Thanks for these awesome tricks. I will love to learn more tricks and again thanks for every thing.

I have learned a lot! 
After reviewing your internet pages I have learned a lot of magic that I have shared with my family. My two favorite magic tricks were Coin in Can and …

An eye opener for me! 
Hi Simon, Great to see your stuff on the net. It's really an eye opener for me. This is the first time I have been exposed to all this entertaining stuff. …

You're A Very Good Person & Magician! 
Hi, I just wanna say thanks to you because your share your knowledge about magic, so thanks!

Best Teacher! 
Your the best teacher!

Such a Useful Website 
Hi Simon, thank you so much for creating such a useful website about magic. All the tricks you put on this website are so cool and brilliant! I have …

You Have A Great Site! 
You have a great site Ive learned almost all your tricks on here! I began performing magic when I was 8 years old but wasn't very good and quit. I started …

Thanks Simon! 
Thanks Simon for this trick! I've been searching EVERYWHERE for this! Well I now know only one place to find every magic trick secret and that is FreeMagicTricks4u …

You site is the best. Congratulations! :D

Your Awesome 
Your a great illusionist!

You are A Great Illusionist! 
Please could you put more coin tricks on because they are brilliant.

Thanks, for a great website! 
As a 65 year old Grandfather who is interested only in entertaining my 10 Grandchildren I plan to be back often. I visited other sites that said they were …

I Can Even do Magic 
Your site is totally exciting. I am interested in magic but there was no one to teach me. But your site helped me. now I can even do magic.

Awesome Tricks 
I would like to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the awesome tricks that you have sent me and for the first time in my life I learned at which I could perfect in …

Thank You 
I must say thank you, I've been completely stumped with the anti gravity water trick and with your revelation I've been able to perform this trick without …

I really love your site 
Simon, I really love your site. I am a magician with a lot of magic tricks, but your website showed me many cool tricks that have left my audiences baffled …

I love your page! 
My name is Bene and I come from Berlin. I love your page! I was searching for some new magic tricks and this page is awesome! So see ya and thanks for …

I love this site 
I am so thankful I found this site. I've searched the net to learn magic and entered lots of magic sites, but here I found new tricks and very well explained …

Thank You 
Simon, Just a quick note to thank you for your site. I enjoy watching your how-to videos. I've done magic off-and-on for family and always enjoy learning …

I'm David Blane's brother! 
Thank you for teaching me some FREE magic tricks! My friend said that I'm David Blane's brother! Well then thanks a lot!

Best Site 
From all the sites I've learned from this is by far the BEST! I'm looking forward to learning more magic everyday....and your secrets are safe with me! …

Fantastic Site 
Dear Simon, Firstly I would like you to know that your web site is fantastic, definitely the best web site for magic & entirely free, keep up the good …

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Excellent, keep it up. Though I am doctor I have interest in this art and I do perform among my friends.

Great Site 
Hi Simon. Just to say thank you. keep up the good work, great site. Cheers Rod.

Thank You Very Much 
I'm so pleased you have this site keep up the good work and thank you very much.

Keep up the Good Work! 
I think it's great that you made this site. I've been doing magic for years and I love learning new ways of performing illusions. Keep up the good work! …

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