Levitating a Keyboard?

by Izzy


Hello, I love your site and find it very informative. As a novice magician, my real job is as a musician and I have an interest in involving an illusion in my bands opening act.

The Illusion is levitating a keyboard as a pre-recorded intro plays to start the show! First thing I've done is take the guts out of an old keyboard making it weigh between 12 and 16 ounces but I'm not sure that's even light enough to be supported by invisible string.

I was wondering what you thought or any suggestions or perhaps a reasonable costing rig I might try? I would be interested in what you think!

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Oct 02, 2008
Another idea...
by: Simon

Maybe you could somehow fix the keyboard to your stomach, so it could attach and detach. That way you could begin the trick with the keyboard on the stand. Walk up and stand behind the keyboard fix it secretly to your stomach then remove the stand.

Sep 07, 2008
Cool Effect...
by: Simon

Hi Izzy,

That sounds like a great trick. As you say I don't think invisible thread will be strong enough either. You could try thin nylon thread or even steel string. With proper lighting and a busy background I am sure you can get them almost invisible.

Another option that could be viable is to actually
fix the keyboard to the back of the stage with a couple of poles (either side so you can still stand in the middle). eg No fixings from above, the sides or beneath but actually from the back. Much like the old levitating lady trick was performed.

You could begin the trick with the keyboard on the stand then remove it and leave the keyboard levitating!

Any other ideas.....

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