Willing Magician Tutor?

by Liam Kearney

Hey, I just want to say the site is brilliant and I'm sure it wont attract one trick pony's who feel like pretending to be magicians but will certainly act as a great stepping stone for aspiring performers who really share a passion for the art of magic.

I am one of those people so would like to say thanks for providing me with the information, secrets and techniques on this site, I have learnt a few impressive beginners tricks over the past few months but still class myself very much a beginner and to step up to the next level of the learning process I feel it would make sense to in fact shadow a magician and learn on a one on one basis almost like an apprentice.

I feel I will be showing more respect to the art if I actually followed a magicians lead and eventually branch out on my own by putting my own spin on the tricks and so on and also love the prospect of having a seasoned magician as a friend/mentor any suggestions on how to find a willing tutor?

Seems like I'm some sort of magic groupie, lol I'm not but really wanna get closer to the art and unfortunately no body in my circle of friends shares my passion which will be good when it comes to performing to them but not so good for learning.

Thanks for your time hope to hear from you soon!

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Oct 16, 2009
To Liam
by: Savannamagic

Liam, you have the right attitude and a plan. I am impressed that you want to put your own spin on effects you learn. Each time you do that you have a NEW EFFECT! Hope you can find a local mentor.

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