"New Old Magic"

by savannamagic@yahoo.com
(Port St. Lucie FL, USA)

Dear Simon,

I gave a lecture on taking two old tricks and combining them into one NEW trick. I also talked about taking a tired old trick, giving it a paint job and some new decoration and you have a new effect, and I talked about taking an existing effect, changing your patter and developing it into a show stopper. All this in thirty minutes.

I also showed how I did it for each one of the effects. All it took was a can of spray paint, a bottle, a cardboard liquor bottle container, a knitting needle, some epoxy, and a little holograpic tape from the Dollar Tree. With this and a hanky vanisher, I vanished a yellow hanky, then placed a botle into the gold tube and produced the silk in the bottle.

A member of our Assembly #172 in Port St. Lucie Fl. made the effect and showed it to his wife and she gave it a thumbs up. See.....you don't have to spend a fortune on "NEW STUFF" you just have to figure out how BEST to use what you have and PRACTICE!!!! I know I am redundant but you must practice until is flows, and is perfect!!!!

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