What's up Simon

by Raymond
(Savannah,Ga USA)

My name is Raymond I have been performing magic for about 11 years and your site has helped me advance my magic skills. The kind of tricks I favor are mainly card tricks and street tricks. I have been trying to advance more into them, do you think you can help me out?

Yours Truly,


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Nov 26, 2010
typo and addition to story
by: raymond

I meant to put 15 years experience not 11 I've been doing magic since 8 years old and am now 23 the quicksivler change I can do but differently but same process but im waving the card and my finger turns the card card magic is my biggiest thing like flouishes, vanishes.productions mainly stuff from jeff mcbride, gerg wilson, and bernard billas. But ur site has help a lot with like going back to the basics and forming more complex trick and I veiwed one of ur new coin trick the coin in balloon I've been meaning to send you the version that I know which you can set it up in front of the spectators with out them knowing

Aug 24, 2008
Hi Raymond!
by: Simon

Thanks for posting your story. I'm glad to hear my site has helped you out. Magic must be your passion if you have been doing it for 11 years. Since you like card tricks have you learned the Quicksilver Card Change yet? It's pretty cool!

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