Build you own and free magic

by Paul
(Florida, USA)

I was reading that several people don't have access to magic. Much of the magic can be made easily if you study the basic principles of magic. Go to the library! Novel idea. They have books on magic and you can make many basic effects with simple props that you probably have around the home. My favorite stores to get magic tricks are Wal-Mart, Jo Annes Fabric, Micharel Craft and Hobby store and ACE hardware stores. They are a veritable gold mine to get "stuff" to make magic. Glue, paper, some wood from wine cases or vegetable boxes a saw and you are ready to make MAGIC. Think.... that is how you make magic. Be creative. One: What do I want to show, and Two how can I get there and make it. Have fun, you may become the next David Copperfield, Lance Burton. Never get discouraged. It took me years to get the help from the information that is available at your fingertips on the internet. Good Luck.

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