I thought Magic was a lost art!

by Charles
(Ridgecrest, California, USA)

Thank you, Just when I was afraid magic was a lost art, I found your site!!!

Most of what I perform is close up magic. Linking/unlinking rubber bands, 3 color monte. I use 2 of Hearts, 2 of Clubs and Joker (Joke's on you!) or King of any suit (King of card tricks!) or any Club/Heart except face cards.

I do forces, even pocket sized linking rings (I made them myself from craft rings at WalMart!) also some prepared illusions such as scotch and soda, but I mostly just practice, practice, practice.

Close up is my favorite because it brings the magic right to the "audience" and they can take the rubber bands or cards home with them keeping the magic!

I have been performing for family, friends and fast food managers since I was 15 (OK, lots and lots of years). Magic keeps you young!

Thank you again!


P.S. I will upload a picture next time. My wife now calls me her personal magician.

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Aug 14, 2008
Thanks Charles...
by: Simon

Thank you very much for your kind comments and taking the time to tell your story, you're never too old for magic I say, very inspiring!

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