Great impromptu effects!

by Frikkie
(South Africa)

Hi, I really like the impromptu effects you have. They are simple and very, very effective. The gadgets if needed can be easily made. Thank you!

I have an idea for an coin trick but there is a slight problem. I'm going to need to vanish a coin without the spectator seeing.

Here is what I want to do: I want to walk up to someone on the street and say "Hey! I wanna show you something, do you have a coin I can borrow?".

Then walk to a car and make his coin go through the glass of the cars' headlight. So I thought of arranging with an assistant to take his/her car to a parking lot.

Of course there is already a coin in the headlight. So I just need a way to vanish the borrowed coin!

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Sep 07, 2008
Thanks Frikkie,
by: Simon

Cheers for your kind comments. That sounds like it could be a cool trick. By far my favourite coin vanish at the moment is the Killer Coin Vanish. However the most simple vanish is probably the French Drop.

Simply perform the French Drop then slam your empty hand at the headlight and 'BAM' the coin has penetrated.

Because the spectator has no idea what to expect they will not see the coin previously in the headlight.

While they are distracted by the miracle of what you just did ditch the other coin in your pocket!

Any other ideas welcomed...

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