Amazing internet magic! - Plucking a coin from thin air or from behind someones ear is one the oldest coin tricks. It's certainly the one I remember most from my childhood. How about you?


There was always some uncle or old guy who thought he would try and amaze me by taking a coin from behind my ear. There are a number of ways this can be achieved. My favourite is the one I'm about to teach you.

This is in fact a simple principle but very effective when performed correctly.

THE EFFECT: Showing your hand completely empty you reach into thin air or behind someone's ear and produce a coin. Watch the trick below then learn the secret...

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THE SECRET: Pretty cool internet magic trick hey? The great thing about this trick is that you can move your hand and fingers in a very natural way but still conceal the coin in the clipped position.

Spectators can clearly see between your fingers then BAM a coin appears, seemingly from nowhere!

THE METHOD: You will need to work on the speed at which you produce the coin more than anything. Too slow and spectators will see where it came from. You can start off slow to get the move correct then speed up as you get more proficient.

Be careful with angles on this trick. You need spectators to view your hand at their eye level. If they are too high or low they will see the coin. Practice in front of a mirror and you will get to know where your hand needs to be positioned.

TIP: Never say "Watch I'm going to make a coin appear" Doh! At that point spectators know exactly what to expect and the surprise is gone. Simply say "Watch I'm going to try something!" That way you get peoples attention but without spoiling anything!

Right so you have learned how to make a coin appear. So now let's learn how to make it vanish.

This is a slight of hand called the French Drop. You pretend to take the coin in the other hand but in fact it remains in the same one all the time. This trick also takes advantage of a coins large surface area. It's far more visible from the face than it is from the side.

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While you misdirect the spectator by pretending to throw it simply drop the coin into your lap (or pocket if you are standing up).

If you combine both the appearance and vanish of the coin you have a very effective mini routine! Why not combine these tricks with some of the other internet magic tricks on my site?

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