I call this free coin magic effect The Killer Coin Vanish because it does just that to anyone you perform to (well not literally!). People can not believe their eyes. It is a truly excellent coin trick you just have to learn!


You borrow a coin from a spectator and hold it up for all to see. Slowly you begin to squeeze the coin with both hands until it vanishes!

You show your hands back and front, the coin is nowhere to be seen. This is such a clean, crisp and astonishing effect I love it...

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free coin magic

THE SECRET: There is such an easy secret to this free coin magic effect, however performed correctly no one will suspect a thing. Simply place a piece of double sided stick tape to the back of your hand.

As you pretend to squeeze the coin under the cover of your hands secretly slip the coin around the back of your hand onto the tape (pic 1). Immediately show your hands empty (pic 2).

free coin magic

The real killer is when you are able to show both your hands completely empty front and back. Now this move must be done fast and practiced in front of a mirror so you do not flash the coin that is stuck to the back of your hand.

As you turn both hands round make sure your empty hand covers the back of the hand the coin is on (pic 3). If not your trick could well be exposed!

free coin magic

TIP: Make sure you press the coin firmly onto the back of your hand otherwise when you show your hands empty front and back the fast motion may send the coin flying across the room!

To make the coin reappear simply reverse the actions you did to vanish the coin. Close the hand the the coin is stuck to the back of and make a fist, reach behind the hand and remove the coin.

Place the coin into your fist then remove it showing the coin has magically reappeared!

TIP: Make sure it looks as if the coin is coming from your fist and not behind the hand. This is important or it may reveal the secret.

After the effect you can dispose of the double sided tape at any moment onto the floor or in your pocket. You are then left completely clean. Have fun with this free magic trick, it is a reputation maker.


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