Best Closer For A Kids Show?

by Kolton Sellers

My name is Kolton and I am going to be doing a kid's show here in a few months. I have been doing magic for 8 or 9 years and have mastered the basics and several good closer tricks but mainly for an adult perspective.

The show will be for kids about 6-12 and so I have assembled a thick variety of things like the coloring book and crayons and other 'prop' tricks, but I want to get a good kid's closer that will wow those few unbelievers that try and heckle the whole show.

I know there is a lot out there but I would like to get your opinion on what you think is the best closer for a show like this. It's going to be tent styled where it will be close-up but with a crowd and it would help if it could be examined.

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Jan 05, 2010
Maybe Try These Too...
by: Simon

Hi Kolton,

With regards to your question above I always like to finish a show on a larger illusion.

For example a very effective larger illusion is the cool box levitation. It can easily be made from a cardboard box and transported easily but is a very effective levitation illusion. Check it out here:

Box Levitation

This levitation also works really well (even though it seems too simple) especially if you have someone in the audience 'in on the trick':

Impromptu Levitation

I hope these two give you somewhere to start or get your creative juices flowing.

Kind regards,


Jan 05, 2010
Kids Show Closer
by: savannamagic

A great closer for a kids show is the sucker die box, either version. Give it a try. You will be very pleased. The kids reaction will really br great.

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