Close up magic tricks are the best. Performing the seemingly impossible right under your spectators nose is an incredible feeling.  Well this is one such trick that looks totally impossible!

  The performer places a coin into a sliding case that has a sword through the middle of it. Obviously the coin cannot slide through this. But suddenly the magician is able to pass the coin through the solid sword and out the other side!

Very easy to do

Perform anywhere

Very visual


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 For this trick you’ll need 2 identical coins. (Pic 1) And a special sliding case you can just so happen to pick up in our magic store HERE. Inside the case you can see 2 hollowed-out areas where the coins will be able to fit. (Pic 2)

close up magic tricksPic 1
close up magic tricksPic 2

Go ahead and put one coin in the slot. It will remain hidden in here until the end, you don't have to open your case when you get used to setting it up - you can just slide a coin in, but to be clear in this tutorial I opened the case. (Pic 3)

Attach the top of the case to the bottom part, making sure that the other hollow coin slot is on the opposite side from the bottom coin. (Pic 4) You can now begin the trick. Start by showing your spectator that there is nothing inside the case (the duplicate coin will be hidden from view).

close up magic tricksPic 3
close up magic tricksPic 4

Now place your main coin into its long slider, and slide both pieces partially inside the case. (Pic 5) Place the sword through the middle, while the coin is still visible. (Pic 6)

close up magic tricksPic 5
close up magic tricksPic 6

Tilt the entire case toward your audience, and slide the coin in and out, showing that it cannot pass through the solid sword. (Pic 7)

To make the magic happen turn the case over so it’s upside down! The audience won’t even notice or care about this you are simply showing that the sword is going all the way through (Pic 8)

close up magic tricksPic 7
close up magic tricksPic 8

You can now appear to pass the coin right through the sword. Push the entire piece through the center, remember, the coin seen by the audience is slipping into its hidden slot, while the secret coin you loaded earlier is dropping out! (Pic 9) 

One of the most amazing close up magic tricks is now complete! Remove the sword and slider from the case, and show it's empty. Be careful not to open the case or shake it, or the audience may hear the hidden coin inside.

TIP: This is one of my favorite close up magic tricks as you can let your spectator to have a go. Now as long as you remember that the hidden coin is in it's secret compartment. You can invite your spectator to try and do what you just did. Just make sure you hold on to the case, keeping it up right at all times so the coin will glide over the other one. You can allow them to place the slider in, the sword through the case and then try and push the coin through - and fail! As long as you are holding the case they will not find a thing.

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