Magicians love defying laws of physics...this magic ring trick will really leave your audience wondering how a sword could slice through a ring without leaving a scratch on it!

  The performer borrows a ring from the audience, and places it in a clear box on a plinth. This box is then covered by a tall case, and pierced near the top with a sword. The sword is moved downward by the performer, passing into the area where the ring is inside a box! The case is removed to show that somehow, the sword is straight through the center of the ring!

 Easy difficulty level

• Can be performed silently

Great for pubs or at home

Great close up effect


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For this trick you need the Sword Through Ring Illusion. This trick is all about hidden gimmicks! And I gotta say I LOVE THIS EFFECT. I've personally owned it for 20 years.

As you press the cover onto the base, there is a spring-loaded contraption that raises the ring box upward, it's activated by the bottom piece of the case. Everything is covered so the audience won’t see this happening. (Pic 1) Don't worry about any noise - it's masked by you placing everything.

In fact, it raises the ring box high enough that your sword will go right through the center of the box and ring! Remember there are holes in the ring box that allow the sword to enter. (Pic 2)

magic ringPic 1
magic ringPic 2

In your actual performance, enter the sword near the top of the case, and then slide the sword all the way down to the base. This does two things, it shows your audience what should be an impossible movement, AND puts the spring-loaded base back into it’s original position. (Pic 3). You will need to practice this movement - to get a feel for your gimmick.

From here you will just need to remove the case slowly, and show that the sword is indeed through the middle of the ring in a closed box! Pass out everything for inspection. Once the spring has reset - it can't be activated again until you reset the gimmicked base.

To do that use your sword to reset the gimmicked base between performances, by pressing it into the small hole. (Pic 4)

magic ringPic 3
magic ringPic 4

TIP! There will be a noise when the spring activates, honestly don't worry about it. It just sounds like the case fitting around the box on the base. I've never been called out on it.

When you get the trick you get a metal magic ring included for practice, but for the performance always borrow a ring for maximum impact. The ring you borrow needs to be small - so a women's smaller finger ring is ideal.

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