Do you want to learn one of my favourite magic tricks revealed? This one is called Anti-gravity Water and is very fun to perform!


You take any drinks bottle and hand it out for examination. It is totally unprepared. You remove the top/cap and tip some of the liquid out to show that it is completely normal.

You say the magic words and turn the bottle upside down. Amazingly the liquid stays in the bottle, not a drop spills out!

As a killer finish to prove there is nothing covering the top you proceed to push a number of matches up inside the bottle neck. As you push each one in they float up inside the bottle. Finally you turn the bottle up the right way again and hand it out for examination once more. Spectators are floored!

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THE SECRET: So you want one of my favourite magic tricks revealed? Ok then - as you asked nicely! The secret to this once is extremely cool (well I think so anyway). You are going to have to make a small gimmick. This is very easy and cheap to make. It will not take you more than a couple of minutes to construct.

The gimmick is basically a small circle of clear plastic with a hole in the middle of it. You can get a piece of clear plastic from some grocery packaging. The plastic needs to be fairly rigid and totally transparent.

Get your desired bottle. For example a bottle of water, fizzy pop or alchopop and place the plastic on top of it. With a pen trace a circle around the top of the bottle onto the plastic. Then with scissors carefully cut the circle out. You should be left with a circle of plastic that fits nicely on top of the bottle.

Next take the piece of plastic and make a small hole in the center of it with scissors. The hole needs to be just big enough so a match or cocktail stick can fit through easily. Ok, that's it your gimmick is made and ready to go! I told you it was easy to make. :-)

THE METHOD: Borrow a bottle of drink or hand yours out for thorough examination. When your spectators are happy it is completely normal take the bottle and remove the top, tip a small amount of liquid into a glass or onto the floor to show it flowing freely. The gimmick should be secretly concealed in one of your hands. As the gimmick is transparent it is fairly easy just to clip it in your fingers unnoticed.

magic tricks revealed

Place your fingers of one hand on top of the bottle secretly placing the gimmick on the bottle top (pic1).

Turn the bottle upside down and slowly remove your fingers.

You will find that the small circular piece of plastic will actually stay stuck to the mouth of the bottle!

Your spectators will be amazed that the liquid is staying inside the upturned bottle! To 'prove' there is nothing over the opening you can proceed to push a few matches or toothpicks through the hole in the gimmick, up into the bottle. This is the killer move for most people they just can not understand how you can push items in the bottle without the liquid coming out.

Even when you perform this illusion in practice it still looks cool, especially when you push a match into the neck and it slowly rises up into the bottle.

After you have pushed two or three matches or toothpicks into the bottle place your fingers over the bottle top again and tip it upright. Secretly remove the gimmick and hand the bottle out for examination once more.

TIP: As an alternative ending keep the bottle upside down and give it a little squeeze (or shake if the bottle is glass) make a magical hand gesture at the same time and the gimmick will fall off and the liquid will come flowing out. Because the gimmick is clear it will not be seen falling. When the effect is over secretly pick the gimmick up off the floor.

TIP: For extra fun perform this magic tricks revealed over a spectators head. Just make sure nothing goes wrong!


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