Wanna learn magic? Here is a little trick I have invented that you can perform with this website! It's perfect if you're a subscriber or fan of FreeMagicTricks4u and want to show off your magic skills to friends or family, introducing them to my site in the process! ;-)

Because this trick is completely online all you need is a computer and an internet connection and you are set!


THE EFFECT: Showing the FreeMagicTricks4u home page to your spectator, you scroll down a little and point to the 'free street magic' image. With your hand you cover the image then proceed to remove it from the screen! The image has indeed vanished from the website and manifested itself in real life! Amazing.

THE SECRET: This is a very simple trick to do. The page where the image moves is actually a 'fake' home page. It looks identical to my actual home page except the 'free street magic image' as seen below disappears by it's self. You can check out the fake home page HERE.

learn magic

The image will vanish five seconds after the page loads. Now all you have to do is time it just right with your hand covering the computer screen so that it looks like you are vanishing the image. This will take a bit of practice, but once you have it down it looks pretty cool. To make the effect super amazing you could print out this 'free street magic' image - cut it out and have it palmed in your hand ready. So when the image vanishes from the screen pretend to pull it out of the screen from under your hand!

learn magic tricks

So how do you get to this fake page to perform the trick? Good question. If you look on the right hand side of pretty much all the pages on FreeMagicTricks4u you will notice the BUY OUR PRODUCTS text in red. To the right of that text is a secret link you can just about make out called 'MAGIC LINK' click that and you will be taken straight to the fake home page. Clever!

If you have trouble seeing the link just click directly to the right of the BUY OUR PRODUCTS text and you will find it! To perform the effect start by showing your spectator the normal FreeMagicTricks4u home page HERE.

Explain to them that this is a magic trick website you can learn magic, however it is actually magic it's self! While you are explaining this secretly click on the "MAGIC LINK" button to start the effect in motion.

TIPS: Depending on the web browser you are using (eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc) the fake home page may load slightly differently. To perform the effect again you should be able to click to another page of the site and then back again to restart the animation. If this doesn't work you may also be able to start the animation again by refreshing your web browser.

If both those methods do not work restart your web browser completely then come back to this site and the animation will start from the beginning.

If you want to learn magic fast this is a quick fun trick. Definitely one for the fans!


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