This trick has one of the simplest magic secrets, but has such a great effect on the audience. 

The illusion is ideally suited to a pub or bar performance but you can do this trick pretty much anywhere. It's an age old trick with the power to still amaze today.

THE EFFECT: The magician shows a matchbox to the audience. He places his hand over the matchbox and pulls out the drawer. With a snap of the finger the lid of the matchbox vanishes into thin air. Watch the effect below then learn the magic secrets...

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THE SECRET: Such a simple secret to this trick, but it still fools most people. The matchbox case is never actually part of the trick to begin with (well parts of it are!). Here is how to easily make the gimmick you will need...

Take an ordinary matchbox and remove the drawer and matches. Take the matchbox case and cut the top out and one of the sides (the striking bit) with scissors (pic 1). Glue the top of the matchbox case to the bottom of the matchbox drawer (pic 2). Take the cut out side of the matchbox case and glue that to one side of the matchbox drawer as well (pic 3).

magic secrets matchbox vanish

That's all you need - your gimmick is now made and ready to perform. Hold the matchbox (actually the drawer, face down) with your thumb and fingers on the palm of your hand. Tilt the matchbox forwards slightly towards your audience so they can not see under. Show the matchbox then place your other hand over it, use this cover to secretly turn the matchbox upside down!

Pretend to push out the drawer of the matchbox still retaining the shape of it with your hand even though it will be empty. If you grip the gimmick slightly while doing the 'pushing the drawer out' move spectators will actually hear a sound as though the drawer is coming out of it's case. In fact that sound is just the friction of the gimmick being pushed out of your hand.

All that is left for you to do is snap your fingers and open up your hand to show the matchbox case has vanished.

I like to have the confidence and leave the gimmick on the table, as it looks totally unsuspecting. Your spectators are looking for the case which has vanished and will not suspect the drawer at all.

However if you are worried that your spectators will want to look at the drawer simply place it into your pocket BEFORE you reveal the case has vanished. That way you are left completely clean at the end.

TIP: If you are performing other matchbox tricks, you can keep this gimmick in your pocket and switch the real matchbox for the gimmicked one at the end for the finale.

TIP: For a greater effect you can have a real box of matched strapped to your wrist with elastic bands under the cover of your sleeve. When you hold the gimmicked matchbox in the same hand and give it a shake the matches on your wrist will make a sound. So now not only do you appear to vanish the matchbox case, you vanish the matches as well! 

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