Cool card tricks! This is a neat little trick that I learned years ago. Everything to perform this trick can be made from home and it gets such a great reaction from spectators!


You show your spectator a small card case with a hole in the middle, you also show a card with a hole in the middle and an ordinary paper fastener (split pin). You place the card into the case and secure it with the paper fastener. You clearly show there is no escape for the card.

You remove the fastener and show you can now freely remove the card. Nothing miraculous so far! Again you put the card into the case and secure it in place with the paper fastener. You show the card is still secure and there is still no way out.

This time you give a magical gesture, click your fingers and begin to slowly remove the card from the case with the paper fastener still going through the middle!

Both the card and case can immediately be given out to your spectators for thorough examination. Watch cool card tricks in action below, then learn how to do it...

THE SECRET: For one of my favourite cool card tricks you are going to need to make the props, don't worry it's easy! All you need is some card or thick paper, a printer and some tape. You are also going to need a paper fastener - that's it!

cool card tricks
cool card tricks

Please download the template to the card case and card HERE. That way all you need to do is print it, cut it out and tape it together! Simple.

The secret to cool card tricks is ingenious! It looks like the card is going right through the case but in fact it's not because of the cut out 'slits' in the case.

Just so you know the front of the case is always where the slits are nearest the edges (pic 1). The back of the case is always where the slits are close to the center hole (pic 2).

When you first show the case and card place the card through the case making sure it goes in one end and out the other. Secure it in place with a paper fastener and show it can not escape, show the front and back. You can even give it to someone to try and remove.

Take back the card and case, remove the paper fastener and show the card can freely be removed. Give a magical gesture, like click your fingers then this time you need to do the secret move. Make sure the side of the case with the slits nearest the ends is facing the audience. Place the card into the case but let it secretly come out again from the first back slit. (pic 3)

Push it along a bit and let it go into the case again in the other slit (pic 4). From the back you can see you are cheating. But from the front, to your spectators, it looks completely normal!

cool card tricks

Take the paper fastener and push it from the back of the case through to the front and secure it (by splitting the pins). Tug on the card a little to show it is still securely in place. You will notice the hole in the card is slightly larger than the hole in the case, this is no accident! It allows the head of the paper fastener to come out of the card (pic 5).

All that is left for you to do is secretly push on the head of the paper fastener with your index finger to allow the card to move freely over the fastener and out of the case.

The beauty of this cool card tricks is you end completely clean. The card has been removed but the paper fastener is still securely in place. Remove the paper fastener and hand everything out for examination.

TIP: If you are worried that a spectator might work out the secret (I doubt they will) you can have a duplicate card in your pocket with a hole the same size as the case. This way you can switch cards and the spectators will find it impossible to recreate what you just did!

TIP: You can always use a playing card if you wish to make it more magical, as long as you don't mind cutting a hole in the middle! Click here for more Cool Card Tricks.


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