This is a great bar magic trick you can perform almost anywhere as long as you have a flat surface and some bottle caps.


bar magic

THE EFFECT: You take four beer bottle caps and hand them out for examination. You place them on a flat surface in a square shape. covering just two caps with your hands you make one cap jump to the other one. Then you make the third cap jump and finally the fourth one until they are all in a single pile. Your hands are shown to be completely empty - Amazing! 

Watch the cool bar magic trick below, then learn it...

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Pretty cool trick hey? Want to know how its done? ...Ok... you actually need FIVE beer bottle caps! The fifth cap is never seen by the spectators.

Showing four caps to your spectators you need to palm (secretly hide) the fifth cap in your hand. Please Watch the video tutorial below for the full method...

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As you can see when you first cover the two caps you drop off the hidden cap. With the other hand you take away that cap you have just covered. You then keep doing this move until all four caps are in one place and you have the hidden fifth cap remaining under your hand.

You may need to watch the video above a couple of time to get the moves correct. It is a lot easier to do than it looks, with practice!

To get rid of the final cap and end clean, simply drop it off the edge of the table onto your lap. If you are not sat at a table bottle caps are really easy to palm in your hand.

bar magic at its best!

Once finished simply press your hand firmly onto the bottle cap (not too hard to hurt yourself!) and nip the cap in your palm (See Pic).

You can then get rid of it at a convenient time. For example give out the caps again for inspection. While the spectators are examining the caps secretly place it into your pocket.

TIP: You can use any small object to perform this bar magic trick. You can use coins, thimbles, pebbles, pieces of paper, you name it! However bottle caps are much easier to palm in your hand and move around due to their rough edges. So start off with these then when you get really good move on to other objects.

TIP: You must make sure you use five identical objects when performing this trick otherwise the secret will be discovered. Also if using coins make sure they are all facing up the same way ie. all heads or all tails. A keen spectator may spot if they suddenly change.


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