String tricks can be quite complex, this however is one of the simplest string tricks but very effective. You can perform with an ordinary drinking straw and any piece of string.



You show your spectators an ordinary drinking straw and a piece of string. You place the string into the straw so that it hangs down from both ends. The string is clearly going right through the straw. You bend the straw in the middle and cut it into two. No mistake the straw is in two pieces and so is the string.

However with a few magic words the straw ends are placed together and the piece of string is pulled out to reveal it has restored to its original condition, totally unharmed! Watch the effect and secret below...

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cool string tricks

THE SECRET: This is one of the easiest string tricks to pull off and if performed correctly can be very effective indeed. Take an ordinary drinking straw and cut off the bendy top if it has one.

Take a length of string and make sure when it is threaded into the straw that the ends hang out the sides.

Take the straw and with scissors carefully score along the middle of the straw so that you cut a slit about 7cm in length. This slit should not be visible to your spectators (pic 1).

Make sure the slit is facing towards you when you perform to make sure it can't been seen by anyone.

You are now ready to perform the trick. Show the straw and string to your spectators. Thread the string into the straw so that the ends hang down either side (pic 2).

Pull each side slightly to prove the string is really going through, then fold the straw in the middle and grip both ends. Now comes the secret move!

As you are casually chatting to your spectator secretly pull on the two ends of the string (pic 3). This will cause the string to come out of the straw and you can hide it in your fingers. It is now safe to cut the straw in half without harming the string (pic 4).

While still hiding the string pull the two parts of the straw apart to show they are clearly in two (be careful not to flash the string in your fingers) (pic 5).

Finally place the two straw ends together one on top of the other still hiding the string in your fist. Give a magical snap and pull the string out of the straw to show it is restored and completely unharmed! (pic 6).

TIP: You don't really want the spectators to examine the straw after the trick because they may find the slit in it.

Have other straws on the table, so as soon as you finish the trick ask if they want to have a go, obviously they will not be able to do it with just regular un-gimmick straws! While they are having a go get rid of the cut straw!

This is an ideal trick to perform out and about in fast food restaurants, bars, pubs or cafes because that is where you naturally find straws.


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