Harry Houdini made a name for himself by escaping from the most difficult and deadly confinements. Today I will show you one of those techniques, for free!

This trick is super clean and fast. Your audience will have a hard time figuring out how you can free yourself so quickly!

  The performer shows that both hands are locked tightly into cuffs. He turns around and quickly frees one hand, then the other! As swiftly as he freed his hands, he then returns them to the cuffs as if nothing ever happened.

 Easy difficulty level

• No gimmicked pieces required

Cuffs can be inspected afterwards

Great close up or stage effect


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 Pulling off this trick just requires some simple hand maneuvers! Start with your wrists chained in the cuffs like this. (Pic 1)

With your back to the audience (or under the cover of a cloth or inside a paper bag), hold the cuffs steady with one hand, while you place the other hand through the middle of the cuffs. (Pic 2)

harry houdiniPic 1
harry houdiniPic 2

With your hand completely inside, the chain moves freely across the cuffs! (Pic 3) This gives you enough room to easily, quickly and safely remove your hand. (Pic 4)

You can then do the same with your other hand if you choose.

harry houdiniPic 3
harry houdiniPic 4

To get the cuffs back on, place the chain like you see in the image. (Pic 5) Place your hand inside, like so: (Pic 6)

harry houdiniPic 5
harry houdiniPic 6

With your hand inside, tilt the cuffs so that the chain slides down onto your wrist. (Pic 7) Flip your wrist outward, which resets your cuffs to the original ‘locked’ position. (Pic 8)

harry houdiniPic 7
harry houdiniPic 8

TIP: You can get the spectator to chain you up - just make sure to always be pulling you hands away from the bar - which keeps the chains tight on your wrist. Allow your spectator to examine all locks and bar / chains - just don't let them chain themselves up or they may find out the secret.

You can perform this as a serious act of escapology or more of a comedy routine where you get chained up behind your back and then bring your hand(s) around to the front  any number of times, and say stuff like "ok - I just need a quick drink before I escape" etc.

Now go and have some fun with your audience as you quickly escape your locked handcuffs!

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