How to do magic with a Rubik's Cube! Have you ever been frustrated trying to solve the infamous Rubik's Cube? Have you ever wanted to solve it in a second?... Well now you can with a little bit of Magic!


You show a mixed up Rubik's Cube to your spectators and proclaim that you can beat the world record for solving it, as if by magic! You explain that the world record is around ten seconds but you can do it in just one second. Naturally your spectators are a little skeptical.

You immediately toss the cube into the air and catch it - amazingly it is now solved! Watch the effect below then learn how to do magic...

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THE SECRET: So do you want to know how to do magic with a Rubik's Cube? Well first you are going to have to buy a Rubik's Cube (obviously) which you then gaff in the following way. When you get your cube it may be solved. If it is not you should be able to manually take it apart and put it back together solved.

Now on only one side of the cube you need to stick coloured stickers on so that it looks mixed up. Either buy some coloured sticky labels or use coloured pieces of paper and stick them on the side with glue (as below).

how to do magic now

Alternatively you can print off this template I have made for you HERE. It's a PDF document with all the correct colours and measurements simply print off, cut out and stick to your cube with glue.

TIP: If your purchased Rubik's Cube is not solved and you can not take it apart to put it back together solved, simply stick pieces of paper over all of the cube. That's what I did. ;-) All sides should look solved apart from one jumbled side.

how to do magic with a rubiks cube

Your cube should now look like (pic1). Now take the cube with the jumbled side facing the front and give it 3 mixes (mixes you can easily remember to undo). I turn the right side down once, the top over to the left once and then the left up once. Your gimmicked cube is now set.

From casual inspection the cube looks mixed. Try to only show the four front faces of the cube as they look the most mixed. However once you ‘undo’ the three moves it is solved, apart from the totally mixed side.

THE METHOD: Take the ‘mixed’ cube and show it to your audience. Make sure the gaffed side is facing your audience. While you explain about the 10 second world record proceed to undo the three moves. (ie turn the left side down once, the top over to the right and the right side up once).

rubiks cube magic

When you have done this be very careful not to show the left right, bottom and top of the cube because those sides will now be solved. You can easily hide them by holding the cube in your hands like (pic2).

To your spectators the cube still looks mixed, in fact it looks like you just mixed it even further. Now all you need to do is give the cube a fast spin sideways up into the air, then, when you catch it turn it gaffed side down (so the mixed side is the bottom face). You can now show the completed cube on all sides, apart from the very bottom. Keep this side hidden from the spectators.

TIP: You may have noticed in the performance video above I also 'magically solve' the cube by waving my hand over it. This is a very simple move, all I do is turn the cube over as I cover it. So the jumbled up side is now face down in my hand. Choose the finishing move you like the most. It's up to you how to do magic at the end.

TIP: Be very careful when you initially mix the cube with the three steps to make it appear totally mixed. If you do not remember how to undo the moves you may well mix up the cube totally and have to re-gimmick it! (I have done this before, not fun)

This Rubik's Cube effect is a great trick that will really freak out your audience, you will look like a master magician. It's great fun to perform too! Try it out.


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