Matchstick puzzles to amaze! Here are some cool tricks you can impress your friends with when you are out and about. They are all super easy to do but give really good reactions, most of them are impromptu too!


THE EFFECT: You borrow any two ordinary matches. You place one on the tip of your pointer finger. Taking the second match in your other hand you begin to move the match closer to the first match. The second the two matches meet the match on your finger jumps off across the room!

The matches can be examined before and after the trick there is nothing to find! For more match stick puzzles read on...

For your next trick you pick up two matches between your thumbs and pointer fingers. You bring both hands together touching the matches to show they are solid. You say the magic words and bring the matches together again, but this time they melt through each other. You have magically linked the two matches!

You show the matches are inexplicably linked. But with a simple blow the matches separate once more, stunning! Again the matches can be handed out for examination.

For the finale of this matchstick puzzles medley you take just one match this time. You strike it against the matchbox lighting the match. You shake the match to blow it out, you then take the dead match, strike and light it again. No one will have ever seen that done before. Watch the performance of the matchstick puzzles, then as usual I will reveal all!

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THE SECRET: Watch the tutorial video below then I will discuss each of the matchstick puzzles in more detail to make it really easy for you to do.

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This first effect is really easy to do. Place a match on the tip of your pointer finger, match head facing your other hand. Pick up another match between your thumb and pointer finger (pic 1).

Matchstick Puzzles

Bring the two match heads together and just as they touch, place your finger nail of your middle finger against the match and flick it towards your body. (The match your are holding, not the one on your fingertip) (pic 2). You should find the match on your fingertip goes shooting off! So why does this happen? Well the flick move creates energy but this energy is transferred straight to the other match. So the initial match hardly moves at all but the other match gets hit with the impact.

TIP: Pretend to rub the match on your arm or hair and state you are building up static electricity. This is a good decoy to how it's really done. When your spectator tries to copy you they will fail!

TIP: Get your spectators in close when performing the trick, they have no idea what to expect so will most probably jump and/or scream when the match goes flying which is always fun!

MELTING MATCHES: This second effect is very cool. It looks like the two matches pass through each other then back out again. To perform this effect place two matches between your thumb and pointer fingers.

Cool Matchstick Puzzles

Now you need to apply quite a bit of pressure on the matches. This is so when you bring the matches together you can separate your fingers slightly of one hand.

You can then slide the other match through the hole, then immediately close the hole really fast. (pic 2).

Because of the initial pressure the match will stay stuck to your fingers when you separate them. The move must be practiced thoroughly and performed fast so no one can see your fingers separate.

It also helps to get your angles correct. If you can perform the move like I did in the performance video where I turn my fingers so the match is temporarily hidden from view, it's at that point you can perform the move.

To unlink the matches simply reverse the move. Try not to rush the trick. Take your time. Initially show both matches are solid then, when you perform the move clearly show the matches linked. Give it a few seconds for the effect to sink in then unlink the matches.

DOUBLE BURNT MATCH: The last of the matchstick puzzles is really easy to do it just requires a bit of palming. In secret taken any match and colour the head in with a black marker pen. Place this match to the under side of your middle finger and grip it by bending your finger slightly.

Stunning Matchstick Puzzles

With the match gripped in this position you can act very natural with your hand and no one will suspect a thing (pic 3). To perform take out a match from the box, strike it and let it burn for a couple of seconds before extinguishing it. To extinguish it shake it vigorously, now this gives you the perfect opportunity to switch the matches.

First a word of WARNING please make sure the match is TOTALLY EXTINGUISHED before dropping it into your lap or onto the floor, we do not want you going up in flames too!

When the match has extinguished secretly drop it into your lap but keep waving your hand as though you still have the match. While doing this bring the hidden match into view. To your spectator you have just blown the match out. You can then strike the gimmicked match and it will light!

These matchstick puzzles are sure to amaze your friends and family, practice them well and you have a great mini matchstick routine!



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