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Your audience won't believe their eyes when you show off this crazy trick. This is a classic! I first learned this one when I was around 12 years of age.

  The performer shows 3 different lengths of rope. After some magical hand gestures, all 3 pieces of rope are now the same size! Suddenly, the pieces of rope are pulled away again to reveal that they have returned to their original lengths.

 Easy difficulty level

• No gimmicked pieces required

 You can perform the trick silently if needed

• Pieces can be inspected afterwards

Great close up or stage effect

Really visual illusion


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 Good magic rope control, and lots of practice! We'll need to create the illusion of all ropes becoming the same length. You will need a medium length of rope a long piece of rope and a smaller length that when wrapped round the longer piece of rope equals the medium length. I know that sounds tricky, but as a rough estimate the lengths of rope should be: Long: 60cm, Medium: 40cm and Short: 20cm.

Start out with all 3 pieces in your left hand, arranged like so. (Pic 1)

Take the left rope (the shortest piece), hold it from the bottom and bring the end up to make a 'U' shape. This end of the rope will sit on the far right. (Pic 2)

Magic RopePic 1
Magic RopePic 2

Now grab the 2nd rope from the left (the middle-length piece) and also make a 'U' shape with it, bring the bottom of the rope upward and letting it sit nearest to your fingertips. (Pics 3 & 4)

Magic RopePic 3
Magic RopePic 4

Create the same 'U' shape with the longest piece of rope as well, bringing the bottom of it up and rest it nearest your fingertips. (Pics 5 & 6)

Magic RopePic 5
Magic RopePic 6

Now we need to focus on the third piece of rope that we have in our left hand (Pic 7). Bring this piece over all the way to the right side in your left hand (Pic 8).

Magic RopePic 7
Magic RopePic 8

Grab the 3 rightmost ends in your right hand and pull them away (Pic 9). This will create a special loop with the rope pieces that will let the illusion begin!

You should have something that looks like this. (Pic 10)

Magic RopePic 9
Magic RopePic 10

You'll notice the loop remains in your left hand (Pic 11). This loop needs to be concealed at all times to complete the effect. Keep your fingers closed around it. (Pic 12)

Magic RopePic 11
Magic RopePic 12

You can now grab the longest rope from your hand and show it off! (Pic 13) Then pass all ropes into your right hand, and show off the same long rope again (Pic 14). This will make it seem like you are showing off more than one piece of rope!

Rope MagicPic 13
Rope Magic TrickPic 14

Pass the ropes back to your left hand. Now you can grab the bottom of the ropes (Pic 15), flip it upward (Pic 16), and slide your "loop hand" down to the bottom (Pic 17). It's a tricky move, but when done properly it makes it seem as though you are revealing the entire rope and showing that they have actually grown! Refer to the video again to see this move in action.

Magic RopePic 15
Magic RopePic 16
Magic RopePic 17

Wrap all of the rope into a ball in both hands (Pic 18), and then pull the ropes out one at a time, showing that they are back to their original lengths! (Pic 19)

And there you have it! A magic rope effect that will impress everyone!

Magic RopePic 18
Magic RopePic 19

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