This is one of those magic videos which almost looks like camera trickery. Popularised once again by David Blaine this is a fantastic impromptu illusion.


You ask a spectator to copy your actions, both of you place your hands down on the floor and begin to turn one of them towards your body. The spectator is unable to turn his hand more than part way, but you continue turning your hand in a full circle, 360 degrees! Double jointed? - I don't think so!

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This is a great effect because with a little bit of acting you can pretend to be double jointed and really gross out your friends.

THE SECRET: All you need for one of the coolest magic videos is a long sleeved shirt and yourself, that's it! The basic secret to this effect lies in the fact that before you even begin turning your hand, it is already 'wound up' so all you are effectively doing is unwinding your hand. This leaves you completely clean at the end of the trick.

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Begin by placing both hands, palms flat on the table, fingers pointing at each other. You need to get your spectator used to seeing you put your hands like this.

Ask your spectator to place their hands in the exact same position as you (pic 1).

As soon as they start to place their hands down take this misdirection to do the secret move! With the hand you are going to 'seemingly' twist turn it palm upwards (pic 2), then over (pic 3) until it looks like the hand opposite (pic 4).

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Now this move may be slightly uncomfortable at first but with a little practice you should be able to do it quite easily. You may need to adjust your long sleeved shirt so it doesn't look twisted.

Obviously this move is done in a fraction of a second and will go unnoticed by your spectator. To add to the effect I like to use the 'magician's choice'. That is you ask your spectator to pick one of your hands. If they pick the one that is not going to be used for the twist simply remove it leaving the one you will do the effect with. If they choose the correct one, great just carry on with the trick.

This subtlety makes the spectator believe they have chosen the hand for you to do the trick with, in actual fact you have made the decision for them!

TIP: The reason you need to wear a long sleeved shirt is because in short sleeves your spectator would see your arm is already twisted!

Start to turn your hand towards your body and get the spectator to do the same. They will find they can only turn their hand part way, where as you can continue all the way round. What I like to do is when the spectator has given up I get them to actually turn my hand as I go, this seems to heighten the reality of the illusion and proves you are not using a fake hand or anything.

TIP: So how did I get the cracking bone sound to come from my arm I hear you cry. To do this just hide a piece of plastic (eg. from a bottle of Coke) up the sleeve of the arm you are twisting. Either squeeze it with the other hand to produce the noise or bending your arm slightly will also produce the sound.

Another way to produce the crack is to place a plastic cup under your arm pit and squeeze it at any point to produce the noise. This can drive your audience wild as it sounds disgusting!


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