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This is an extremely simple trick that never fails to impress. The setup is so easy, and can be repeated over and over again. 

  The performer presents a ball inside of a clear plastic box. Around the box are 2 rubber bands. He removes the lid and puts the ball on the table, and replaces the lid/rubber bands to close the box. The magician slams the closed box on top of the ball, and mysteriously it goes back inside the box! You’re going to love seeing this little pocket trick…

 Easy difficulty level

• No gimmicked pieces or moving parts

 You can perform the trick silently if needed

• Pieces can be inspected afterwards


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 You’ll need one clear plastic box with a lid, one ball, and 2 rubber bands. (pic 1) Now - I realize that's a bit niche - so see HERE. The beauty of this trick is that there are no gimmicked pieces…what you see is what you get!

The real secret is in the positioning of the opening in the box. (pic 2) Rotate the box so that the opening is facing your chest.

Magic RevealedPic 1
Magic RevealedPic 2

You can now place the lid on the box (pic 3), but note that this doesn’t actually close the box! It just appears that way and your spectators won’t know the difference.

Put the rubber bands around the box. (pic 4) You’ll want them crossing the top of the box at right angles. This will give the illusion that the box is properly sealed and nothing can get in or out.

Pic 3
Pic 4

Even with the rubber bands on, note that you can still push your finger into the secret opening you left for yourself (pic 5). In fact, the rubber band that crosses over this hole will actually help us a lot in the final step of this trick.

Magic RevealedPic 5
Magic RevealedPic 6

REMEMBER: Keep the hidden opening of the box facing yourself at all times. Your audience can easily ruin your trick if you let them see the opening!

With the ball on the table, tap the top of it with the box a few times (pic 6). Let the audience hear the sound. This will heighten the feeling that the ball should not be able to pass through. Let’s prove them wrong!

After a few taps, move the box down quickly while simultaneously rotating the lid of the box toward yourself (pic 7). This makes the secret opening rotate to face the ball, and the ball can quickly slip inside, where the rubber band will hold it in place as you lift the box.

Magic RevealedPic 7
Magic RevealedPic 8

While lifting the box from the table with the ball inside, quickly turn the box again so that the lid is once again on top.(pic 8) If done properly, it will be impossible to notice and your audience will see a clean passing of the ball through a solid box.

Now you can take off the rubber bands, lid and remove the ball. Any of these objects can be passed around for inspection. You’ll come away clean every time! One more bit of amazing magic revealed!

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