You can't get a much cleaner effect than this magic dice trick! 

You can even hand the whole thing out for examination to let your spectators examine it, if you wish. You'll just need to perform a simple slight.

  The performer shows a clear container containing a single large dice...with a quick shake, it magically explodes into smaller dice!

Super easy to do

Everything can be inspected after the effect

Very visual

Perfect for table hopping

Perform surrounded


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 You’ll need a gimmicked shell for this illusion. What appears to be large dice is actually an empty shell that will hide smaller dice inside of it! (Pic 1)

It's metallic and will stick to the inside of the lid, which conceals a magnet. (Pic 2)

magic dicePic 1
magic dicePic 2

Load all of the smaller dice inside the shell, making sure they all lay flat. (Pic 3)

Carefully place the loaded shell into the container, with the opening of the shell facing down. This will keep the small dice hidden on the bottom. (Pic 4)

magic dicePic 3
magic dicePic 4

Put the lid on and hold the container normally, be careful not to show the bottom to your audience. (Pic 5)

When you are ready to make the dice ‘explode’, give the container a fast and hard shake, up then down. The force will make the loaded shell touch the magnetic lid. The shell will stick there, and allow all the smaller dice to fall out. (Pic 6)

magic dicePic 5
magic dicePic 6

Remove the lid to show the small dice to the audience. (Pic 7)

Using the middle finger of your hand that is holding the lid, grab onto the now empty shell and slide it out of the lid into your palm. (Pic 8)

This will allow you to show the lid completely empty as you conceal the shell in your hand. Replace the lid and ditch the shell when nobody is paying attention! You don't have to do the last palm move but it's great to let the spectators examine all the bits.

magic dicePic 7
magic dicePic 8

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