Dear YouTube: Why Have We Broken Up? - an open letter to @YouTube

Today I was ‘terminated’ from YouTube with no real explanation of why. I've followed the proper channels to ask for reconsideration and have written this open letter to YouTube.

Dear YouTube,

I'm not much of a writer or speaker - I like to record videos, so forgive my lack of verbal dexterity but we need to talk....

It was way back in 2006 I believe when we first met. I uploaded a video I made (at the time with my ageing digital camera) to show a magic trick. To my surprise it gained a few thousand views so I decided to create a YouTube channel and make more videos teaching magic tricks, I was having a blast.

A couple of years passed and you offered to take our relationship up a notch. You wanted to partner with little old me and place adverts on my videos so we could both make a bit of pocket money. WOW win, win - I was super stoked you obviously liked my content - I thought we could go far.

Over the past 6 years we've amassed over 35 million views and 10,000+ subscribers on over 100 videos together. I truly thought I would pass this channel on to my children to continue making fun videos...

But today it's all over in a blink of an eye.
"Just like that!" - Tommy Cooper

It seems you were not happy with three of my videos which has led to this break up. Other than a mention of breaking your "YouTube's Community Guidelines" I still don't know exactly what I've done wrong - otherwise I would have certainly fixed it.

You told me that...

Youtube Bans Crackster24

The straw that broke the camel's back seems to be one of my older YouTube videos "Spoon Melt Magic Trick" below. Other than the poor taste in music (royalty free music I might add). I'm really not sure why this video has broken "YouTube's Community Guidelines". And if I knew why I could fix or remove it myself.

YouTube I understand you have to have policies to deal with spammers/scammers - but I've always tired to play by the rules, when I know what they are.

I really hope you will reconsider our relationship, we've had a blast in these 6 years together, (they went so fast). It would be such a shame to part ways...

Hopefully yours,

Simon Crack
(formerly crackster24)

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Hey!!!! Not rated yet
Come on!!!! You tube.... we love Simon!!!! he's a good guy and he make us have some great fun...!! we don´t want Simon leave us!!!

What the... Not rated yet
Hi, Youtube I've always enjoyed simon's videos becaue they are very detailed and free at the same time. I don't actually understand what on earth he …

we want simon back Not rated yet
what is wrong with this video? c'mon, give us Simon back you tube team.

thank you  Not rated yet
dear simon. it s arash. I watched your tricks and read them too. and i really enjoy them. thank you for all of them.

freemagictricks4u videos rock Not rated yet
freemagictricks4u videos rock. iv seen them and i know what im saying. youtube is wrong to have terminated freemagictricks4u videos

Youtube should not do this Not rated yet
Simon does help us by sharing his talent. He is my instructor of magic. I have learnt a lot of things from his. So youtube should unblock his chanel..

YouTube Not rated yet
I was thinking of registering a account, YouTube, but since the videos Ilike the most is banned, I won't bother!

Huhh? Not rated yet
You guys have what I have seen, never broke the community guidelines. This is weird, hopefully you get your channel back, unless it's gone forever, this …

favorite  Not rated yet
Please bring back this Chanel it is one of my favorites!

Ret. USAF Not rated yet
There are very few things "for free" anymore, but Simon Crack has provided many "free" tricks and information which are very helpful, not only to the beginning …

simon is doing a great job... Not rated yet
I think simon's vedios are great and meaningful than others. he is responsible with what he is doing. and very clear to the public.he is doing a great …

Bring Simon Back Youtube!! Not rated yet
Just because a couple of jealous people flagged his video it doesn't mean you can close his account like an idiot!!

Please come back... Not rated yet
You tube....we like his videos...he is tooooo is very very useful for us....please bring his videos back...

Stop being paranoid, YT. Not rated yet
Listen, YouTube, I don't know how much the "magicians" are paying you to keep everything secret, but...really? Go pick on someone who's breaking the rules. …

why Youtube why? Not rated yet
This man provided a public service for free. I don't understand why broken his channel?

HEY YOUTUBE Not rated yet
Hey YOUTUBE LEAVE SIMON ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Newbie Magician Not rated yet
As a relative newcomer to the world of magic, I just wanted to say that I've found Simon's videos to be immensely helpful...being able to actually watch …

Marciano  Not rated yet
I as a magician have been doing magic for 20 years and I have been viewing Simon's video's due to the fact I had an account with him. I seen his video's …

Why delete videos? Not rated yet
they were good i.e., informative and at the same time entertaining videos, I don't see the point how anyone would get offended by them

Why? Not rated yet
Ever since I got interested in magic Simon has been there he has nothing bad so I really hope YouTube made an accident so they can restore his account …

karl Not rated yet
1st JayJay now Simon - i think YouTube has something against magicians. Both produce excellent videos on magic. Please YouTube give Simon back his account …

Very sad! Not rated yet
Wow, I,m extremely shocked to hear about this. Youtube please bring back the channel, I absolutely love it and think it is an invaluable asset to your …

Please Bring Simon Back Not rated yet
Sharing one's talent is a noble undertaking. Simon's is doing that and more... I personally benefited from his talent - his magic tricks. I'm a teacher …

Andreas Kaltenegger Not rated yet
Hello Simon, If this letter can help you, we will help. I also can not understand why YouTube has terminated your channel. Our whole family liked …

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Serge Not rated yet
YouTube should at least explain the reason and if there is one, give a chance to fix the problem! Hope to get this channel back soon!

David Lee Not rated yet
Dear youtube please have a heart and give simon his channel back and let him back on there.

Justice is crying out! Not rated yet
I'm a retired preacher, this could backfire on you Youtube, people become suspicious if an action doesn't merit a legal explanation. Perhaps YouTube is …

cant believe it Not rated yet
That is so wrong to take away his channel when he is helping so many new upcoming magicians learn the ropes - certainly helped me. Hope you get it sorted …

Madjack Not rated yet
I'm curious. With all these comments, I don't see a single reply or explanation from YouTube. This seems to be another step toward terminating free speech. …

Manos Not rated yet
I like so much your videos, it is a pity that YouTube switch off your channel. I hope that they will re-consider.

Pachie007 Not rated yet
I always was interested in magic but never wanted or planned on doing it. Until I watched "Magics gratest secrets finally reviealed." And I just took …

Gregory Not rated yet
Вступите в диалог с Simon'ом. Пусть он знает, за что пострадал и будет в состоянии избежать ошибок в будущем. Если же неправы были Вы, то тем более! …

Rhymin' Simon Not rated yet
Simon Crack, want you back, the news and the clues 'bout the magic we lack. Did nothin' wrong what we could see, the 'Tube locked the door an' threw …

edib lagumdžija Not rated yet
Please bring back Simon's videos because they help us to understand magic.

freemagictricks4u Not rated yet
Simon Crack's channel was a good source to learn magic. If, any how violated the rules then remove that VIDEOS only. Let channel be reinstated Thomas …

bring it back on. Not rated yet
Hi guys at Youtube, can you give us some feedback as to why has been terminated? Over the years it has proved to be a very entertaining …

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?! Not rated yet
There is nothing wrong.

YouTube.....Why?? This man does nothing but good, he doesn't deserve this.. Not rated yet
I don't get it. This man provides a public service for free. There is absolutely nothing improper in any of his presentations. It is obviously your right, …

RamK Not rated yet
I was really shocked!! It is unfair on your part UT. Please put him back on the track. I enjoy his tricks and learn to show to my friends.

Myclerecycle Not rated yet
Just what did he do? It's like people who write nasty letters and won't own up to it! Just chicken.

Amazing Christopher, Master Developer HealthFare Restaurants, President Custom Water Ltd Not rated yet
I personally see nothing wrong with video or any of the other videos that have been posted (although I have not seen all of them) Are you annoyed because …

Tech Not rated yet
Wow, I can't believe YouTube would do something like that. You have people on there showing you how to get free cable, wifi, get into cars without keys! …

Youtube is not the internet Not rated yet
Man, it's sad. I hope you come back soon. All the best, Luciano

Chuck Merz Not rated yet
I see nothing which contravenes the rules.

futtyenglish Not rated yet
Don't ban vids if we dont want to watch then we wont instead ban them anoying people who put Rick Astley on or pretend to be latest best vid of something …

Mr P. Coleman Not rated yet
Don't know what the fuss is about I'd let a 5 year old watch this site. never seen anything to offend or break any sensible rules.

ken Not rated yet
Simon it could be the spoon and that your name is Crack. It looks allot like perfinalia at a glance. If a mom saw it and didnt notice it was a spoon bending …

come on youtube - wassup? Not rated yet
That's a shame. Youtube need to pay attention here.

Pretty obvious why they have banned you  Not rated yet
It's probably because you claim to be FREE magic tricks for U but at end of video there's a page SELLING a mentalist trick. Either you are Free or you …

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Dave Not rated yet
Very disappointed Simon's videos have been banned. they are a very useful resource for beginners and others, I hope they are reinstated very soon.

Don't let the magic vanish off youtube Not rated yet
The videos that I have watched are always of impeccable taste, and quality and above all entertaining and stimulating to let other people enjoy a sense …

milad Not rated yet
I like the letter. Like how it's been a blast and how fast they went. I hope they let you back. I really liked your videos.

I can't believe it Not rated yet
Nooooooooo! So sad :(

That's not inappropiate  Not rated yet
"Soy mexicano y estos videos son muy divertidos, entretenidos y faciles de entender, ademas que son efectos sencillos, no perjudican a nadie y es solo …

I have always enjoyed this man's work! Not rated yet
Bring him back, please! All he has ever done is entertain...and done well and with fun..YouTube should be pleased with members like this!

Just me, Jean Not rated yet
Simon has been more than generous sharing for free tricks that could be making him $$$$. Sure hope this can be cleared up!

Fair Play Not rated yet
Dear Youtube, this site is genuine and fair play. Please don't ban it's channel as it lets 1000's of users like us to learn easy tricks for fun.

Question Not rated yet
Why ban an innocent guy?

Dr. Z Not rated yet
I have always enjoyed Simon's videos. I find nothing offensive or distasteful. Please reinstate them.

Grandfather...  Not rated yet
This World Has Gone Nuts. Everything Today Has To Be Politically Correct, And That's Why Common Sense Has Become A Long Lost Art. Simon Crack Is Guilty …

That really scares us Not rated yet
If YouTube did this with you, without the opportunity to correct it, imagine what YT will do with a little guys like us. This is so scary and unfair. Please …

Grampa Wizard Not rated yet
Looks like harrassment from another big corporation - or an out & out error. Happened to Jayjay and now Simon. Cut it out youtube, there's enough room …

FAIR GO MATE!!! Not rated yet

Dr. Not rated yet
Mr or Miss YouTube, I am a retired physician in Indonesia and just started learning magic to please my grand kids and their friends. My main source …

Dr. Edmund Fuehler Not rated yet
So this website exposed taxation methods used by political leaders everywhere. What one percieves and what actually is hapening are two different things. …

Please don't be so hard on him. Not rated yet
Please give him his channel back, he's done nothing wrong. Everyone deserves a second chance! I regularly view Simon's videos and use them to amuse …

Resolve the matter Not rated yet
I have been viewing Simon's videos for some time now. He has always been congenial, open, honest and upstanding; while providing first quality products …

It's all a matther of perspective....... Not rated yet
Could it be that someone accidentally flag'd the vid as inappropriate, then the guy who was supposed to watch it to verify just spend 3 seconds of his …

Bailey Meadows Not rated yet
I've been a part of this community for about two years. What is inappropriate about this video? Tell us, what gives you tube...

Come on YouTube - do your magic, so we can see Simon's... Not rated yet
I have just viewed the "offending" video and cannot believe that YouTube should find it contravening their policies. Maybe Uri Geller is upset that …

My grandchildren & I NEED these videos. Not rated yet
I have enjoyed these videos for several years. They are something that my grandchildren and I watch together and then bond as we try to do the tricks. …

RESOLVED SOON Not rated yet

Reactivate! Not rated yet
I like Simon's videos. I request YouTube to reactivate Simon's account.

I shall miss this channel Not rated yet
I shall miss this channel it has given me a lot of pleasure with it's free tricks please don't let us lose it. Give him a chance to correct what ever it …

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Mr Not rated yet
Simon has shown some really good beginners tricks. A lot of people enjoy his content as you can see 10000+ subs and YouTube said this is his third strike …

Play Fair Youtube!! Not rated yet
I cannot see how, or why, Youtube can justify closing down your account without allowing you the opportunity to redress any "issues". Their post to you …

POSIBLE ERROR Not rated yet
IN THIS VIDEO I see nothing that can be rejected, to me that there is error in YOUTUBE, may realize and solve it.

Harry Johnston-Lord Not rated yet
As far as I can tell the only objectionable thing is the shocking taste in music! The sound can be turned down or off, so they should get a life. I use …

you tube Not rated yet
Please youtube give him back to us....

Be fair... Not rated yet
YouTube, give this man a fighting chance. He has done so much for the community in the past and he's willing to make amends if you could at least tell …

I love magic Not rated yet
This is a guy you should be happy to have representing your business. It is a disgrace and a sign of incompetence to have this humble, likeable, and entertaining …

Cackster! Not rated yet
Where's my freemagictricks4u channel gone? How can doing magic offend anyone? It's not like it's real magic, (sorry to shatter any illusions) (Oops, excuse …

Please bring back Simon Not rated yet

edward Not rated yet
These videos are free to view, you don't get much free in this world, so leave him alone.

Give him back Not rated yet
You Tube For the love of magic. There is way worse stuff out there that does breach TOS, I am also at a loss as to why the TOS has been breached. Come …

Please Reconsider... Not rated yet
Please reconsider the removal of this channel. I have viewed his videos and never found anything of concern to me. I'm a pretty old fashioned 53 year old …

Not Fair! Not rated yet
Hi YouTube, This guy does NOT deserve to be banished without a valid explanation. It's just not fair! Please, give this guy back his YouTube channel. …

Mr Not rated yet
You Tube administrators, please be responsible and mature enough to give at least an explanation of the fault committed, and give the guy a second chance …

Scottymat Not rated yet
I see nothing in this young mans videos that might warrant your severe action. The content has always been of a wholesome inoffensive nature and as far …

YOUTUBE !!!  Not rated yet
Give explanation or the account.

NotoriousRoscoe Not rated yet
This can only be a mistake. YouTube, please correct it.

Explanation? Not rated yet
An explanation of the why and wherefore here is required in order to correct any unknown error. Please advise Simon at once thank you.

David Poirier Not rated yet
At the very least tell him what he did wrong so he can fix it, terminating this way is wrong.

Barry David Not rated yet
Your site and info is really well done and it is an inspiration to get back into magic with your amazing videos....thank-you...hope they fix this soon....Barry …

Why is this not OK? Not rated yet
I have no problem with this.

Ambroz Not rated yet
I enjoyed your channel. Hope I will see you soon!

Larry Mills Not rated yet
I am a 79-year-old magician and have been a member of the international brotherhood of magicians for over 50 years. Simon Crack has given a lot of time …

Do the right thing YouTube Not rated yet
Explain yourself (which is your right) or return what has been a source of enjoyment to your subscribers.

John Not rated yet
YouTube Nazis

Click here to write your own.

Reinstate Now! Not rated yet
For the life of me I can't see what the violations of youtube policy are. Please youtube reinstate this great account. It is a source of great knowledge …

Roy Whitehead, Shetland Not rated yet
Hope you will restore Simon to us!!!!

Not the first! Not rated yet
OMG... This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement. I …

magickwon Not rated yet
It looked ok to me. Let him back in u-tube or explain!

Edward Hamell Not rated yet
This guy is on the level, a lot of fun and righteous. Please review his case and give him justice. A concerned Parent!

Agreed Not rated yet
I am disgraced by this! I support you getting your Channel back Simon!!

Wander Not rated yet
This is a great site and it's been an immense help to me. Youtube terminating your account without warning or explanation is unacceptable no matter how …

What? Not rated yet
This is terrible behaviour on Youtube's part. No explanation at all. What did you do? How can people contact Youtube to try to do something about it? …

Youtube Not rated yet
Comon youtube, the guy havent done anything wrong. And Simon keep up your good work love it :)

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