by Ronnie
(Parker,Az, USA)

I always was interested in magic but never wanted or planned on doing it. Until I watched "Magics gratest secrets finally reviealed." And I just took a couple of tricks to work just to be able to do something when I was bored. But Little Did I know that it was going to turn into something, you see I live in a small town in Parker,Az. A town with nothing to do, but until I looked up on the internet Free magictricks4u. And started picking out who I waned to be starting out with slights and close-up magic, Because I believe that close-up magic and presintation is the most biggest hurddle to overcome. And thanks to this site it helped me grow, I still come here now and then to see what I could combine or use in my routines. I would sure hate if this is the end I hope not.

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