Rhymin' Simon

by Greg

Simon Crack, want you back, the news and the clues 'bout the magic we lack.

Did nothin' wrong what we could see, the 'Tube locked the door an' threw 'way the key.

Won't even tell 'im why he violated the system, just dissed 'im and his fans they p***ed 'em.

No need for yellin' just tell 'im, say why in the hell he failed 'em so they bailed on 'im an' now his fans hear'em wail for 'im.

It's tragic, lost the magic, Youtube give 'im a clue what to do. Don't just kick him out an' give 'im a shoe.

Bring him back-- Simon Crack! show some tact, hear the pack, take 'im off the rack.

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