Magic Coin Tricks:
Signed Coin in Can Continued...

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quarter through soda can

11) Bring the hand which now does not have the coin to the top of the can and tap on it to prove it is still sealed. (You can see from this angle your thumb hides the coin)

12) Turn the can around as shown.

coin in can

13) Then show the bottom of the can and tap on it, again to show there are no holes in the bottom and no coin to be seen. (All these moves in the whole trick should only take a minute or so)

14) Turn the can upright again, always keeping the thumb that is holding the coin on the back of the can away from the audience. Begin to move the coin to the top of the can.

quarter in can illusion

15) Make sure that the sealed top of the can is, at this point, towards your body (as if you would open the can) Move the coin right up and over the top lip of the can.

16) As you move the coin into the top of the can start to shake the can and say something like “ I’m going to try and get you to hear the coin in the can" (this will mask any noises)

coin through can

17) If you shake the can fairly sharply up and down and tap the coin with your thumb against the can it actually sound like the coin is in the can ‘clinking’ - try it you'll see!

18) At this point you can then simply open the can, by lifting the ring pull as usual, keeping your fingers together to hide the coin from the spectators.

coin through (in) can illusion

19) As you open the can simply push the coin into the can! Make sure you push the ring pull back down again as this will act as a ‘stop’ to the coin falling out at the end.

20) You can casually show your other hand empty but do not make a big thing out of it as this may cause suspicious!

Tip: Try to perform all the moves at finger tips, so your hands look empty at all times.

coin into soda can

21) Begin to pour the contents of the can into a glass, sink or onto the floor. Do this slowly to build up the suspension!

22) When the can is empty shake the coin to the mouth of the can to show the coin really is in the can. Because of the ring pull back in the down position the coin will not fall out. This creates the illusion that the coin could not fit into the mouth in the first place (without you having to say anything).

David Blaine Style Street Magic

23) Finally you can give the can to the spectator to take home or cut the can open with a sharp knife.

24) Even better let the spectator cut it open (carefully of course so they do not cut themselves)

All that is left for you to do is sit back and take the applause for performing one of the most amazing magic coin tricks they have ever seen! (or are likely to see) :-)

Remember practice hard and this will surely become one of your favourite impromptu magic coin tricks. Performed well It truly is a little stunner!

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