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FREE Magic!... so what's the catch?

There isn't one actually! Here you will simply find easy, cool and most importantly Free Magic Tricks ANYONE can do.

I do sell a Magic Trick Tutorial CD jam packed with magic trick tutorial videos and other magic items in my Magic Store. But if you've only just got here, sit back, relax and let me show you some magic tricks for free.

For example learn techniques to levitate yourself! ->

david blaine levitation

I will teach you an array of Free Street Magic Tricks, Free Coin Tricks, Free Card Tricks, Free Bar Magic Tricks, Strange Magic, Mentalism and just about any other type of Illusions you can think of absolutely
Free of Charge.

Now why would I want to do that?...

Well this site is intended for anyone with a love of magic (like me:-), young or old to hopefully broaden their knowledge of conjuring and have
fun with it.
pen through arm

It is not intended to be a 'Magic Tricks Exposed' or 'Magic Tricks Revealed' type of site - it's true that I am giving away free Street Magic secrets but I am trusting you as a fellow Magician to keep them between you and me, ok? ;-)

<- Learn Pen Through Arm illusion!

Again I am not here to crudely expose Magic Secrets, I just want to share my knowledge (for what it's worth!) to fellow Magic enthusiasts, like you!

After all how else do we learn?

free street magic

Want to become the next David Blaine, Criss Angel, Derren Brown or Harry Houdini? Now you can, (well maybe not overnight!) i'll show you some tricks of the trade (pun intended!) and it will not cost you a penny!

Below are just a selection of my favourite Free Street Magic Tricks I will teach YOU step by step for FREE.

Crushed and Restored Soda Can
Balancing Glass on a Card
Coin in Bottle
Self Folding Bill

coin through bottle glass on card balance coin through bottle self folding bill
So if you answered YES to my initial question at the beginning of this page and you want to learn an array of effects from Street Magic, to Pub and Bar Tricks, to Levitation, Close up Magic, Stage Magic and Easy Party Tricks - Great!

free street magic

Whatever your level - whether you are a Budding Beginner or Master Magician you are sure to find something new or different to impress your friends, family and colleagues.

So sit back, take your time and enjoy learning the Free Street Magic I can teach you. Ready to learn some cool Free Magic Tricks Online?

lets go for it....

Privacy Notice: I HATE SPAM, and will never rent, sell or trade your contact information to anyone for any reason. I respect your privacy!

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