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Free Mentalism effects are as popular today a they have ever been. Although performers and acts have changed, effects and principles have been used and recycled for centuries.

So what exactly is mentalism? Well the term mentalist refers to a performer who appears to be using psychic abilities. For example
reading someones mind or foretelling the future.

Mentalist effects often include mindreading, spoon bending, psychological illusions, watch stopping and predictions all of which I will show you for free. Here are some of my favourite free mentalism tricks:

spoon bendingheads, tails tricktelekinesis for beginners

Perhaps the most note worthy mentalists are Derren Brown and
Uri Gellar. Curiously Gellar still claims to this day he actually has supernatural powers. This is highly disputed by scientists and skeptics alike. Gellar is probably best known for his spoon bending routine.

Why are mentalism tricks so popular? Maybe, because we only ever use ten percent of our brains it seems more plausible that someone could tap into that unused potential.

Is it because these types of trick seem more real and therefore more baffling as a result? Mentalists do not always rely on props or gimmicks to perform the tricks. More often than not it's just the performer, spectators and one amazing effect.

Mentalism effects are at their best when combined with Street Magic. David Blaine, Derren Brown and Criss Angel all utilize mentalism some way in their acts combined with other techniques to pull off some truly stunning effects.

mindreading exposed ebook

If you are really into mentalism effects
(like me!) I highly recommend you check
out Mindreading Exposed.

It's a very thorough eBook full of some great mentalism effects you are sure to use. I picked up a copy myself recently and it really is a great read. Although a bit over priced it contains around fifty pages of effects and there are a few gems. I especially like the Derren Brown illusions. You can check it out for yourself HERE.

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