You can't get a much cleaner effect than this key magic. It's super powerful to be able to let the audience have a go at the trick you just did and with this effect you can do just that! 

You can hand the key out for total examination by your audience and they will not find a thing and certainly won't be able to do what you just did! Amazing...

  The performer shows a metal key they then inexplicably begin to move the teeth of the key up and down the shaft. They are able to move it all around  the shaft 360 degrees. Finally the key is handed out for  total examination and the audience can't repeat the miracle they just saw.

Super easy to learn

Everything can be inspected after the effect

Very visual

Perfect for table hopping

Instant classic

Integrates well with other key tricks


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For this key magic trick you need a special gimmicked key. Which I now stock in my new magic store HERE.

The teeth of the key are actually detachable! It’s held onto the key by a hidden magnet inside. (Pic 1)

key magicPic 1
key-magicPic 2

On the back side of the key is a second set of teeth firmly attached to the shaft. (Pic 2) This part of the key needs to be hidden until the end of the trick.

Hold the key in a way that conceals the teeth. (Pic 3 & 4)

key trickPic 3
magic keyPic 4

Before the trick begins, make sure the magnetic teeth are already attached to the end of the key in a way that looks natural. Down near the end of the key shaft is ideal. (Pic 5) Now you can begin to gently push the teeth around on the key, making sure not to let the rounded head of the key move at all. (Pic 6) What makes the effect work well is the fact that the key is not rotating or moving at all!

key magicPic 5
key magicPic 6

When you are done with sliding the teeth all over the key, bring them into this position. (Pic 7) This aligns them directly across from the real hidden teeth, and will allow you to complete the trick. (Pic 8)

key magicPic 7
key magicPic 8

Using the thumb of the hand that holds the key, rotate the fake teeth around behind the key. (Pic 9) Keep your index finger in position so that the real teeth are hidden from your audience (Pic 10) Now you are in position to secretly remove the fake teeth by pulling downward with your thumb, releasing the bond of the magnet and palming it.

key magicPic 9
key magicPic 10

Keep the magnetic teeth concealed in your fingers as you finally reveal the real teeth firmly attached to the key (Pic 11). Show off how suddenly the teeth can no longer move and are incredibly sturdy, and with your free hand, offer the key to the audience for inspection. (Pic 12)

key magicPic 11
key magicPic 12

As you do this, casually slide your hand containing the magnetic teeth to the edge of the table, where you can safely drop the evidence into your lap or put it in your pocket and come away clean! Check out the Key in Bottle for another cool key trick.

This is a great prop to perform the Haunted Key effect straight after. You will have a mini key trick routine!

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