If you want to learn telekinesis for beginners this is a great first effect to test your powers! :-) It's easy to do and does not require any special gimmicks to perform. No magnets, magician's wax or string in this telekinesis effect.

THE EFFECT: The magician gives an old looking key out to the spectator's to fully examine. Taking it back he places it on the tip of his finger and asks the spectators to watch.

The magician gestures with the finger of the other hand in a circular motion near the key and amazingly the key begins to move. But it's not just moving it's actually beginning to turn. The key in fact turns a full quarter seemingly by itself. The magician then places the key on his outstretched palm and again the key moves by itself, a full half turn this time.

The key is then immediately handed out to spectators to show that it is completely normal. Watch the effect below then learn telekinesis for beginners...

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THE SECRET: The great thing about this effect is that absolutely nothing is added or taken away from the key to make the trick work. It's simply an easy technique to learn.

So is this real telekinesis for beginners? Yes and no. Actual telekinesis is impossible, however this is a great beginner trick to 'appear' to have telekinetic powers. (Hint: weight of key + gravity).

All you need for this trick is a door key with some weight and a circular barrel/shaft. It helps the effect if the key looks ornate or old because you can use the whole haunted key angle if you want. But that's not necessary. You can also do this trick after the impossible key trick to make a mini routine!

TIP: You can either pretend you have telekinetic powers and are making the key move by the power of your mind or you can pretend the key is so old that it's haunted and moving by itself.

telekinesis for beginners

The actual secret is very simple, but must be performed correctly. With your palm up balance the key on the finger tip of your pointer finger (pic 1).

Now to make the key 'appear' to move by itself all you need to do is move your arm very slowly down towards the floor.

It's important not to move your finger or wrist but your entire arm from the elbow - keeping your finger and wrist straight and still at all times.

If you start to move your finger or wrist then the spectator will probably figure out what you are doing. If you move your whole arm very slowly, because the spectator is fixated on your finger they don't notice your arm moving slightly.

Don't believe me? Try it - it really works!

more telekinesis for beginners

To make the key turn back to where it started, simply reverse the move by gradually starting to move your arm towards the sky. This effect will take a bit of practise to balance the key and to judge how fast/slow to move your arm to get the optimal effect - but it's worth the effort.

An even easier method is to place the key on the palm of your hand - half on half off (pic 2). Have the head of the key just off your palm and the teeth of the key on your palm facing you.

Again gradually move your whole arm down slightly and the key (under it's own weight + gravity) will turn. Unfortunately with this method you can't make the key turn back again (not that I have found anyway). Check out the Key in Bottle for another cool key trick!


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