Spoon bending has always been a popular mentalism trick. There are many ways you can appear to bend a spoon with only the power of your mind. I'm here to show you some of the most effective!

THE EFFECT: You ask to borrow a spoon or get a spectator to examine one. Taking the spoon in your hands you begin to bend it in half. The spectator can clearly see the spoon bending right round.

With a quick flick of your wrist you show the spoon to be instantly restored. No bend what so ever can be seen.
The spoon can be handed out once again for total inspection. Nothing out of the ordinary is found.

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 So you think you have to be Uri Geller to do some spoon bending right? Think again! Watch the effect below then learn it!

This is perhaps the easiest way to appear to bend a spoon and then restore it in an instant. You simply need to palm a small silver coin in your hand. When you are ready to 'bend' the spoon hold the coin so that just the tip of it is visible. Place the coin on top of the spoons handle and it will look as though you are simply holding the spoon (pic1).

spoon bending

As you pretend to bend the spoon let the handle drop from the back of your hand. As the tip of the coin will still be show it will look like the spoon is bending (pic2). Pretend you are putting a lot of effort into it.

TIP: Spectators must be viewing the trick from the front. Not the side or from behind or the secret will be revealed. Also make sure you do not show too much of the coin or spectators will see it as a coin and not the tip of the spoon.

All that is left for you to do is quickly spin the spoon and hide the coin in your hand in the process. The spoon will look restored and you can hand it out for examination. While the spectators are distracted with the spoon dispose of the coin in you pocket or onto your lap if you are seated.

Here is another cool spoon bending illusion that is perhaps more visual than the first bend. Watch the spoon bending effect below, then learn how to perform it...

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This effect is great because it is visually impressive. However it is not as impromptu because a little set up is required. However when you have performed the effect the spoon is totally examinable. Any ideas how it's done? Watch the reveal video below...

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First you need two spoons. Take one spoon and bend it 90 degrees (at a right angle). Take the second spoon and bend the handle backwards and forwards until the head breaks off. All you need to keep is the handle. Place the first spoon in your hand so the head hangs down and the handle rests on the 'v' between your thumb and pointer finger (pic3).

spoon bending trick

Take the handle and grip it between your thumb and pointer finger (pic4). If you tilt your hand towards your body the bent spoon will be hidden by the angle of your hand, it will simply look like you are holding a spoon.

TIP: Cheap cutlery is the best to use as it is really easy to bend.

To make the spoon appear to bend simply release your grip on the handle and allow it to slowly fall into your hand. As soon as it touches the 'real' handle pull the spoon out and show that it is bent. Hand this to the spectator to examine and take this opportunity to get rid of the handle in your pocket or onto your lap.

Uri Geller and other mentalists will have you believe they can bend spoons and other metal objects with the power of their minds simply by stroking the object. You may have seen this performed on T.V. Well this is a really easy effect to pull off. All you need to do is prepare a spoon or other piece of cutlery a few seconds in advance.

Simply take the spoon (for this example) and bend the head backwards and forwards until you can see the spoon is nearly ready to break, then STOP. You are giving the spoon 'fatigue' at the bending point. You will notice the spoon gets very hot so be careful.

You may get through a few spoons trying to get it to the 'ready to break point' but not breaking - it's a fine balance, bend it too many times and it will break, not enough and you may have a hard time bending it! I suggest you buy a pack of cheap cutlery to practice. Do not use expensive stuff! One because it costs more and two, it is much harder to bend when you are first starting out.

Once you have your spoon prepared, simply place it back onto a table with the other pieces of cutlery. When you are ready to perform pretend to take any piece of cutlery at random but pick up your prepared spoon. Tap it gently on the table a few times to show it is solid, then begin to rub it at the bend point. Hold the bend point between your pointer finger and thumb. As you rub the spoon apply a little pressure. The spoon will naturally start to bend. Keep working on the bend by rubbing it and applying pressure in both directions.

If the spoon breaks go with it, keep the spoon head and handle still between your fingers, hold the spoon vertically and release your grip slowly. The head of the spoon will start to droop to the side gradually. To finish let the head drop to the table with a bang. This will intensify the effect greatly.

TIP: You can perform these spoon bending tricks with nearly any piece of cutlery it does not necessarily need to be a spoon. However a spoon is perhaps the most recognized when bending cutlery.

If you are really interested in learning many more spoon bending techniques I highly recommend Psychokinetic Silverware on DVD by Gerry & Banachek. Although this is quite an old recording the psychology, subtleties and effects are still absolutely amazing.


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